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Let Go and Let Kids Create Their Art Projects Without Your Help

29 May 2014 – 03:50 PM EDT

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Children are natural artists.They jump into art projects without fear of mistakes and they adore their creations and so should we. Whether they are tracing shapes in the dirt or sculpting their baby brother from macaroni, let them create without judgment and watch how they truly enjoy their work. Here are a few tips to help you let your Mini Monet’s get the most out of their art projects.

Working With Clay:

Toddlers love to work with clay. They can squish and mold to their hearts content and all the while they are working on their fine motor skills and learning concepts of shape and space. Remember: Focus on the Process Not the Product. Toddlers are far more interested in the art process rather than the final product. Adults could take a lesson from these tiny artists. We tend to get caught up with what we are creating instead of the process of creating, thus missing out on the best part of art projects.

Get Messy:

Get the paint out. Don’t be afraid to get messy. It is a shame when we are too afraid of the clean up to allow our children to explore all kinds of mediums. Children’s eyes light up when the paintbrushes come out. They love swishing the brushes across the page and watching the colors come to life. Remember: Art is Subjective.The Sky Isn’t Always Blue. Children don’t feel the need to conform to society’s vision of the world. Enjoy the purple sunsets and the pink dinosaurs.

Don’t Make an Example:

Your child’s artwork is much more authentic when they are not expected to complete a replica of an example you have placed in front of them. The lesson in art should be to create, rather than to copy. Let the children take the materials and general instructions down a road of their choice. Remember: Every Child’s Finished Product Should Be a Reflection of them self. Twenty little Kindergarten projects should be as diverse as the children who created them.

Follow Your Child’s Lead:

It can be really difficult not to reach in and help a child with their art projects. We want to straighten the lines and help with the glue. Try to let your child work freely and without too much interference from you. Remember: Children Believe Their Work is Perfect Until We Tell Them Differently. Correcting their work will make it your work.

Give it a Special Place in Your Home:

Whether it is the next Matisse or three googly eyes glued to construction paper, your child is incredibly proud of their artwork. Give it a central spot in your home for everyone to admire. Remember: Your Child Will Be Looking For Your Approval on Their Masterpiece. Take down the fancy crystal and in its place add a truly original piece of art.

Children will do these things naturally. We have to work hard not to train these behaviors out of them. Picasso said: “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”