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Yes, Girls Can Be Super Heroes!

7 Ene 2014 – 03:28 PM EST

My husband is a self-proclaimed comic book geek. In the past few years, my daughter and I have joined him in watching the stories of many super heroes that have transitioned from comics to films. There isn’t much our girl enjoys more than going to the theater to see a super hero movie with her daddy – especially if popcorn and a frozen Coke is involved!

She loves watching Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man, Super Man, Batman, The Hulk, and the others save the world again and again. They are strong, brave and witty; they are also all men. The “man” is even right in the name for several super heroes.

Yes, Electra had her very own movie starring Jennifer Garner (which is widely mocked as being one of the worst comic book adaptations made), and Black Widow holds her own in “The Avengers,” but that isn’t enough. Girls deserve to see that women can fight crime and save the day just as well as the guys.

I was excited to hear Target had a line of super hero toys over the summer, but I was disappointed by what they had to offer girls. They had a bunch of Wonder Woman stuff: towels, beach chairs, sand toys, gardening tools, aprons, dishes, and more. Unfortunately, they were all pink and purple.

Wonder Woman’s colors are red, blue and gold. She has never worn pink or purple.

Apparently, Target decided girls would only be interested in super heroes if they changed the colors.

It’s up to us to as parents to teach our girls to be their own super heroes. Throw a party for your daughter and her friends – it doesn’t have to be a birthday party. Exploring their inner strength is cause enough to celebrate!

Put out an assortment of super hero costumes for a session of dress-up. Collect the costumes from thrift shops and garage sales. Who cares if they were intended for boys? Also, it’s okay if little girls want to rock a beaded necklace and high heels with their Spider-Man costume or wear a tutu instead of a cape.

Talk to the girls about what they like about each character. Discuss what makes a super hero. Then help each girl consider her own best qualities and come up with a super hero of her own creation for herself. Have each girl draw her super hero, name it and write out a description. You may need to help small children with the writing.

Hopefully there will be more female super heroes on the big screen one day soon, but in the meantime, we parents have the power to inspire the little girls in our lives to be their own heroes.