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The Best Ice Cream Recipes to Make With Your Kids

Who wouldn’t love to try Cotton Candy Ice Cream? or choco tacos? Try these five ideas to celebrate summer the best way possible: with ice cream!
15 Jul 2016 – 07:33 PM EDT

Mini Ice Cream Pops

It’s summer time. That means cool treats. What better way to get your ‘sweet on’ than to make it yourself with the kids. Use this opportunity to get the kids in the kitchen learning some great skills. Trust me, they won’t argue when you tell them what’s on the menu. Start with these Ice Cream Sandwich Pops. They’re super easy and don’t forget to cut the ice cream sandwiches in half to make the box stretch a little further.

Choco Taco

It might seem a little complicated but with your help the kids can pull this off. These Choco Tacos look amazing and taste even better so clear your calendar because there is a little more prep to this divine dessert than others on this list. I promise it will be worth it. Maybe you should invite the neighbors over to show off your culinary masterpiece or maybe they’re too good to share.

Butterbeer Ice Cream

Again, the standards are a little higher for this one. Nothing too difficult, just a little more effort than sprinkling candy on ice cream sandwiches (not that there is anything wrong with that). It’s only because I know you can do it. Your kids are up for this one too, because you can draw in one of their favorite books to make this dessert even more special. Warning: This dessert does contain beer (so I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether you like it that way or you’d like to substitute root beer to make sure it’s a little more kid-friendly. I think my kids would prefer the real deal but that’s just me.

Cookie Monster Ice Cream

Cookie Monster Ice Cream is a thing! Isn’t that the best thing you’ve heard all week? I kid you not, the moment I type the last word of this riveting post, I’m hitting the grocery store because this needs to get in my belly, as they say. Yes, if the kids help me make it, I’ll share, but just a little.

Cotton Candy Ice Cream

Who wouldn’t love to try Cotton Candy Ice Cream? You’ll need an ice cream maker for this one, but they are pretty inexpensive if you do a little research. The kids will love this sweet treat. The recipe creator suggests adding a little cotton candy inside the cone before you scoop your ice cream into it. It seems to me this lady is brilliant. Find more of her recipes here.

Happy Eating!