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Why I’m okay with my husband cursing in front of our child

9 Ene 2015 – 11:07 PM EST

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My husband excels at cursing. He comes up with combinations I’ve never even heard. I only curse under extreme situations – major pain, anger or frustration. However, I don’t mind if other people curse.

I don’t even mind my husband cursing in front of our daughter. There’s no spelling out the bad words, muttering them under stressed breaths or using substitutions like “shoot!” going on in our home. She hears it all. He even lets them fly when he’s having a conversation with her. Here’s why I’m totally okay with that.

It teaches acceptance. A potty mouth is part of what makes my husband him. And why should he be expected to change his personality just because he’s a father? I want my daughter to know we love her quirks and all. The same is true for her dad. In fact, she embraces this quality about him. When her fourth grade teacher asked her to write three things about her father she listed, “smart, likes music, potty mouth.”

Research shows cursing is healthy. According to Psychology Today, not holding back on the “naughty” words is good for you. It reduces pain, eases stress, improves psychological health and is a great source of self expression. Why would I want to deprive my husband of the benefits he gets from colorful language or keep my daughter from being exposed to something that could be a great outlet for her down the road?

She hears way worse at school. I taught preschool for many years. As creative as my husband’s language is, I’ve heard four-year-olds who can do better. Yeah, it probably started at home, but “adult” content is being tossed around at school from a very young age.

They are just words. That’s it. Plain and simple. They are just words. The important part is how they are used. My husband models that there are times it is okay to let the language fly and times when it just isn’t polite.

Our daughter giggles at her dad’s cursing, but takes after me by choosing not to express herself that way. For now. Maybe she’ll change her mind when she gets older, but for now “oh, donuts!” is her curse of choice.