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Thank God That’s Over: Why I am Relieved The Holidays Are Coming to an End

30 Dic 2014 – 10:33 PM EST

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As I sit here, sipping the last of some spiced rum splashed with some questionably dated eggnog, I am reminded of all chaos the holiday have been this year. My children are tucked into bed snuggling with their favorite gift and my husband sits across from me immersed in the game and I am finally able to relax and enjoy my little family in my dimly lit house because everyone knows dim light hides all the dirt. I enjoy the holidays, I really do, for the time I get to spend with my family and friends but it’s some of the other things that get to me.

First, there was the decorating. As usual, I started getting all geared up for the holidays too early. I decorated every inch of my house one evening as the festive mood hit and by mid December I was so tired of looking at my collection of Snowmen on the mantle I could have barfed. Not to mention, my husband and I got into three fights over his refusal to put up outdoor lights this year and I retaliated by buying a giant glowing Snowman to tower over guests on the front porch. Oh, the spirit was alive and well in our home.

Next, there was the shopping. And not the kind I like either, which is browsing the internet with a seasonable drink in hand, filling up ‘shopping carts’ only to never actually ‘check out’. No, at Christmastime, I brave the real stores and the huge, hungry crowds and I fill my actual cart with the crap that passes for gifts these days and I dutifully check people off of my list. Uncle Roger, cherry chocolates, I think; Aunt Pam, slippers again; cousin Louis, ummm, this ornament of a dog peeing on a fire hydrant should do. And as I part with my money for stuff that will be in next summer’s yard sale I shed a little tear for all the wine I could have bought, instead.

Finally, the entertaining. For an introvert who is admittedly antisocial and usually cranky, this is the hardest part of the holidays. Obligations like work parties and family get-togethers strip my last bits of energy after a day of real life shopping and it’s all I can do to chat about gas prices and New Year’s resolutions. I’d much rather be sitting in my chair writing to you, my internet friends, who ask for nothing more than the truth once in awhile and you never, ever ask to chat about the weather.

During this busy time of decorating and shopping and baking and entertaining I still manage a full-time job and a home. I don’t even have a staff, and that is a shame. So, forgive me if I am relieved the holidays are coming to and end because they just aren’t what they used to be. Now, as I contemplate undecorating the tree, unceremoniously, of course, I hope you all enjoy the winding down of the holidays as I do. Until next time, Cheers.