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Reconnect at a Romantic Destination: How to Enjoy Your First Night Away

30 Ene 2015 – 12:33 AM EST

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I remember my honeymoon perfectly. Forever etched into my memory is a picture of my husband and I sipping rum punch under a palapa enjoying the most beautiful view of Anguilla. It was the most romantic destination we have ever visited. Fast forward a few years and our lives are consumed by our adorable seven-month-old son. Things have certainly changed, so when my in laws gifted us a night away I jumped in glee. Despite my excitement, I was nervous at the thought of leaving my little guy alone overnight.

I knew that we desperately needed a night away and that our son was in excellent hands, but being the overprotective mother that I am, I was able to come up with a plan that put my mind at ease. I hope that my tips and ideas can help inspire you to travel to a romantic destination!

Choosing a Romantic Destination

If you’re going away for one night, I’d recommend selecting a spot that’s an hour or less drive. If you live close to a major city like us, try a boutique hotel — they pamper guests and have wonderful amenities. Splurge on the hotel since you could end up crashing early to catch up on sleep. It was a luxury for us to be able to watch uninterrupted TV in bed and take a long shower.

B&Bs are also a great option because they offer an intimate setting, allowing couples to reconnect.

What Your Caregiver Needs to Know

It was important to me that our in laws were given a schedule to follow. Our son thrives on routine, so I made sure the day was laid out for them. Providing your caregiver with times for feedings, playtime and naps is a sure bet. For playtime, suggest a few activities and have their favorite toys ready. If you’re still breastfeeding, here are some helpful tips to maintain your supply.

Be sure that you leave your child’s emergency info: their pediatrician’s contact info, your hotel, poison control, a neighbor’s phone number and any doses for medication. I put all this information on a piece of 5X7 paper and framed it. That way anytime someone watches our son it will be easily visible. It’s also a good idea to leave a spare car seat base in your caregiver’s car so that they can bring your child where necessary in case of an emergency. Fellow mom blogger, Caroline shares an extremely thorough checklist – you’ve got to take a peek.

Tips for Unplugging & Enjoying Your Night

It felt strange to pull away from our home and look at the empty car seat base. It also felt awesome to know that we had 24 hours of bliss ahead of us. To ensure that you unplug and have a good time try these tips:

  • Decide on a time with your caregiver that you’ll check in. This way you don’t have to worry all day.
  • Make sure you go out for at least once nice meal. We forgot what it was like to slowly eat dinner and talk about things other than our child.
  • Pick one activity that you will treat yourself to – whether it’s a massage or a long walk, taking an hour for yourself will make you feel wonderful.

The next morning my husband and I awoke refreshed and excited to see our little man. I don’t think he even realized we were gone considering how much love he gets from his grandparents. Taking a minication to a romantic destination is healthy for your entire family and I’m convinced it’s made us better parents.