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Our Family Projects in 2015 that Help Us Grow Together

22 Ene 2015 – 03:31 PM EST

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Each year comes with new promises. This year has been a true whirwind, jumping into the New Year with lots of projects, school functions, and loads of work. So, I decided to make my two boys (8 and 5) a central part of my 2015 planning with fun family projects. I have started the year with these few ideas, and wanted to share them with you. Maybe you can do them as well!

2015 Wish Box

This year we each wrote down what we wanted to accomplish in this year and put it in a box. We will open it January 1st of next year to see how many of our goals we accomplished. The goals do not have to be anything too detailed or extravagant. The whole point is to make this a family project and work towards something together. Some of ours included: reading a book each night, giving back to the less fortunate, and having fun in all that we do. Aside from the goals we wrote down as a family, each one of us wrote down our own personal accomplishments. I can’t wait to open the box next year and see how much we have done and grown!

2015 Family Rules

This was a really fun exercise! We wrote down on a poster board the rules we need to abide by in our house and family. Since we are always traveling, my kids understand these rules follow them even when we are not “home.” You can be as creative with this as possible. Make sure you discuss each rule and let them know why it’s important. Have them create a few rules of their own, and then decorate the poster board. Some of our rules are:

  • Always be kind and compassionate.
  • Brush your teeth 3 times a day.
  • When you get angry, make sure to breathe in and out 5 times before you say a word.
  • Never go to bed without saying I love you.
  • And many others…

Thank You and Happy Journal

This might be my favorite. I truly believe that two of the best lessons we can give our children are happiness and gratitude. Before we go to bed, each one of us says one thing that made us happy during the day, and one thing we are grateful for. Then, I write it down. Not only does this make each one of us reflect on our day, but it also makes us realize that we are truly blessed. It makes bedtime so special and strengthens my bond with my boys. This journal is becoming one of the greatest treasures I own.

I do believe that no matter how busy we are as parents, taking time to teach our kids valuable lessons is important. Now that my boys are fast-approaching 9 and 6, there is so much more that I can do with them. Having started the year teaching them to dream, create goals, and be grateful is invaluable to us as a family. I would love to know what family projects you do to start the year right with your little ones.