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Motherhood Reality: The 11 Unexpected Things I Discovered About Being A Mom

13 Mar 2015 – 02:33 PM EDT

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I’ve wanted to be a mommy for as long as I can remember. Little did I expect that motherhood reality went beyond the love, cuddles, diaper changing, and sleepless nights. Here are 11 unexpected things I discovered about being a mom after giving birth to my child…

  • You will do enough research to qualify for a PhD in all that concerns your child. My local library, bookstores, and Google became my most trusted friends. Who else will explain without judgment, why my child sniffled and farted after having his first taste of solid food?
  • You will be pushed to your mental, emotional, and physical limits every day. You may think you’re going batty at first, but don’t fret! Once you get a hang of it, you’ll realize you are UNSTOPPABLE!
  • You will appreciate any amount of sleep… like a dehydrated woman finding water after walking a month in the desert. You might go on just a few minutes of sleep for many nights, but once you get that 2-4 hour uninterrupted slumber, it will feel like you’ve hit the jackpot! Welcome to motherhood reality!
  • You will develop superhuman abilities. If your baby so much as whimpers in the middle of the night, you will jump out of bed even before you’ve snapped out of sleep, to make certain he’s still breathing. You’ll also grow eyes all over your head. That’s right… not just in the back. Not only will you know when your child is sneaking carrots to the dog under the table while your back is turned; you will have the power to see all the possible outcomes in every situation concerning your child.
  • You will become your biggest critic. Many of us are already our toughest critic, but wait until you become a mom! I’ve doubted myself and at times, felt like every other mom was doing a better job than me. But you know what? Giving your all for your baby’s best interest makes you AMAZING, and your child will be just fine!
  • You will gain a new appreciation for other parents and their children. Crying babies suddenly becomes cute and you sympathize when you see a parent and their teen arguing. I still find myself striking up friendly conversations with strangers about their parenting styles, and I always find other moms a great source of strength and inspiration!
  • Your time alone becomes a mini vacation. Be it a trip to the market or jumping in the shower! When you’re sleep deprived, walking through the produce section alone is no different from a relaxing stroll on the beach. And peeing solo? That’s bliss, right there!
  • You will cry often. If you’re anything like me, you may find all this pure love and gratitude overwhelming. Watching my baby sleep so peacefully was enough to switch the tears on. He’s now a teen, but I still cry happy tears all-the-time!
  • You will have the power to heal ouchies with hugs and kisses. Your superpowers will continue to strengthen past their teen years. You will help heal broken hearts and deal with disappointments… because you’re a MOM.
  • You will grow so connected with your little person that your body will make food for them on demand. It only took a small gasp and squeak from my son for my body to begin preparing him meal, every 2 hours… no matter where we were.
  • You will discover a love you never knew existed. It will fill your heart like you’ve never experienced. The kind of love possible for the only person who’s heard your heart beating from the inside. This beautiful love will fill you with so much awe and gratitude!