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Ideas for Keeping Kids Active During Spring Break

Make the days count!
14 Mar 2016 – 12:07 PM EDT

It's that time of year again when kids get ready to leave their books and studies behind for a few weeks and prepare to have some genuine fun. What do you do if your children become difficult when it comes to playing outdoors or doing outdoor activities during their time off school? If you have teenagers, you know what I mean.

Many kids and teens cringe at the thought of spending endless hours outside during Spring Break. This can just lead to lazy days and too much TV watching. Parents, you can do something about it! (Even if you have to enforce more rules such as all cell phones, iPads, iPods and laptops can only be used for an hour a day or no TV after 11:00 am until family movie time at night)

Picnic Fun

Get the entire family together (even relatives you do not see often) and plan a picnic day full of festivities. If you have siblings and they have kids, bring them along so your teens and kids will have others to hang out with their own age. Plan a day full of barbecuing, games, music, and relax in the sunshine. If you have a teen that protests against attending a family picnic, get them involved in real life (not video games) games they may like such as beach volleyball, soccer, football or tag.

Take a Hike

Another great idea for family fun outdoors is to pack up survival tools and food and to head out to the trails for a long hike. Find a park that has wildlife viewing opportunities, lush trees and water nearby. A hike can be a fantastic way to release stress, energize your family, and build stronger bonds as you communicate and tell stories along the way.

Day Camps Can Do Wonders

There are many day camps available for kids and teenagers these days. Check out your community listings to see what is happening during Spring Break. Some day camps last anywhere from four to eight hours long depending on the age of the children attending and can include fun classes like archery, swimming and martial arts.

Camping in the Great Outdoors

Camping has been, and still is, a long time favorite among families when it comes to spending time together over Spring Break. While most teenagers might want to head to a beach or mall with their friends, once you get your kids packed up, and in the car, they (hopefully) will learn that spending time with family and going on an adventure can be just as much fun. Just make sure you plan fun games and activities when you are camping, take hikes and explore nature. Keep them moving!

Easter is Coming!

While your kids are home for Spring Break you can break out the crafts and make some beautiful Easter creations. While this may not be something your teenager will dive into, the little ones really enjoy decorating Easter eggs and making Easter cookies and spring crafts.

What will you and your family do this Spring Break? Share with us!