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How To Achieve Mindfulness During Your Family Vacation

5 Jul 2014 – 10:29 PM EDT

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Mindfulness is not always easy to achieve when you are on vacation with the entire family. There are usually distractions that may keep you from enjoying quality family time together and from living in the present moment. Your teen may be focused on her first summer crush, your 11 year old may want to play his video games all day and parents may be focused on finding ultimate relaxation. If you allow these scenarios to continue during a family vacation, there will be no room for achieving mindfulness as a family.

Mindfulness is described as maintaining a great awareness of our feelings, bodily sensations and thoughts in our current environment. It is also a sense of accepting your thoughts, feelings and sensations for what they are and without judgment.

If you want to practice mindfulness during your next escape away with the family, make sure you have a list of mindful activities ready to go for those moments when you fall out of touch with each other.

Fun In The Sun, Sand And Surf

A fantastic way to create mindful moments is to get your family into something creative. For example, many hotels and other vacation venues have sand castle competitions. Get Grandma, Grandpa and Auntie involved in the fun too! Building something with your hands keeps you mindful and “present” in the current moment.

Get Creative With The Family

If you want to keep your family mindful when on vacation, get involved in an art project. You could make a family mural that shows all the fun you have experienced on vacation so far. Get enough paints, coloring pencils and markers for everyone in the family and get everyone creating!

Meditate With The Whole Family

Families are usually much more relaxed and open minded to trying new things when on vacation because they do not have other distractions or stress surrounding them. Whether you all sit down by the river near your campsite or on the beachfront of your 5 star hotel in Mexico, you can find peace and achieve mindfulness as a family. Make sure you are in a secluded area so that you can sit in silence and take in the calming sounds of the river or waves. Just sitting and being comfortable in silence with other family members can achieve a higher level of bonding within the family unit.

Mindful Eating

This is the tastiest activity of all! As a family and while you are on vacation, sit down and try some exotic new foods. Eat them slowly and ask each other how each item tastes. Express your likes and dislikes. Be mindful as you put each food item into your mouth. Being mindful while eating is also an important tool for kids to develop healthy eating patterns.

All of these mindful activities can lead to a memorable family vacation. The sooner we teach our kids how to achieve mindfulness in everything they do, the sooner our kids will start appreciating more and live their lives to the fullest every day.