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House Chores For Every Age: Getting Kids to Help Isn’t as Hard as You Might Think

19 Jul 2015 – 02:46 PM EDT

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Guess what? Your kids can help out and do house chores and what’s even better, they’ll actually enjoy doing it if you use these simple steps to get them started.

Toddlers: I know what you’re thinking. What could my toddler possibly do to help me around the house? He spends all day emptying toy bins and pulling the cats tail. Even the littlest ones can be taught to pick up after themselves. Turn it into a game by moving the bin a short distance away and letting them toss their toys in. If you’re lucky, this little game will catch on.

Pre-Schoolers: Getting preschoolers to help with the chores is like shooting fish in a barrel. They love to play house by sweeping and cleaning up. Their eyes will light up if you let them do dishes and watch their joy when you bring out the vacuum. The only problem is they don’t exactly have an eye for the details so you might have to go behind them as they clean.

Elementary Age: These guys are usually pretty quick to help out when asked. They are old enough to do some serious helping out around the house, too. It’s a great time to introduce the concept of earning money by offering an allowance.

Middle School: Now that they are a little older it may be harder to get them interested in helping out. You’re going to have to be a little more creative to ensure that getting some house chores done is not a battle. Middle schoolers can be a tad combative and this is only because they are testing out a little Independence. Offering a little more freedom, in the form of a late night or some other treat, can inspire any child to get to cleaning.

High School and Beyond: This one is easy. No chores means no car keys.

It’s time to get your kids doing a little more around the house. This will give you more time to do the things you love, like reading, relaxing and most importantly, not cleaning.