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Four Reasons We All Need Snow Days

29 Ene 2015 – 08:33 PM EST

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There is no shortage to the griping and grumbling on social media when ‘Snow Days” are announced. The moaning and groaning from grownups almost drowns out the complete glee exuded from children (and educators) all around the land. Notice, I said almost. That’s because your cranky pants comments are just not strong enough to break down our ‘Snow Day’ elation when it comes right down to it, and here’s why:

The Snow Day is a Rite of Passage

Who are you kidding? You relished in the snow days of yesteryear, didn’t you? Have you forgotten how magical they can feel? Or would you rather pretend you walked to school in six feet of snow, uphill, both ways? Can you find that spot, so well-hidden in your memory that you must bust through less important memories like work meetings and deadlines, to re-live the moment in your youth when you realized it was a Snow Day? Can you remember how you felt? It was an excitement that rivaled Christmas morning for some. Would you deny this generation that feeling?

Winter is a Long Hard Go

For all of its beauty and promises of warm drinks and cozy fires, the reality is that winter can feel very much like a long hard grind right around this time of year. Wake up, scrape snow off of car, drive to work in the dark. End work, scrape snow off of car and drive home in the dark. Keep kids entertained in the cold, dark evening without the use of screen time or feel parental guilt for resorting to screen time. Moods are low and opportunities to get outside are minimal. Let that Snow Day be a most welcome change to this difficult routine.

Take Advantage of Family Time

You know what it’s like. We work and go to school all week. We live for the weekend, only to realize that as much as we’d like to spend some valuable time with our family we must get straight to the household chores that we didn’t get a chance to do all week. If a Snow Day for kids let’s them catch up on their playtime, let it give you a chance to get ahead with your to-do list so that the coming weekend can be spent with family and no distractions.

Teachers Deserve It, Plain and Simple

Listen haters, you are talking to a teacher here, so don’t make me use my teacher voice when I say this. I work 8 hour days, 5 days a week with no breaks. I eat lunch while I work with students or monitor student clubs. Most days I eat standing up. Other days I am on duty and watch students as they eat and play, so those days it’s easier not to eat. I buy my own materials. I buy my own books. I even buy my own prizes because this latest generation of students might be the most difficult to motivate of all. I spend evenings reading about the disorders of all the kids I work with each day. I cry to my husband when I feel like I can’t do enough to help them. And I am not even in the top ten of best teachers at my small school, so I’ll take my ‘Snow Day’ and let your moans and groans be drowned out by the squeals of my overworked teacher friends and students.

So, next time you want to complain about a snow day around me I have one last piece of advice for you: