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Five Ways to Indulge This Mother’s Day

7 May 2014 – 09:37 PM EDT

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Mother’s Day, with its homemade cards and kid-made breakfast in bed, is a welcome holiday for busy moms. It is a day when you are reminded how much you are appreciated and just how wonderful you really are; but do you ever truly indulge on your special day? Yes, the flowers your husband brought home look lovely on the mantle and burnt toast never tasted so good but what have you done for you? This Mother’s day take part in one of these activities for some serious soul nourishing:

The Spa Experience: It’s expensive, for sure, but the benefits of a few hours spent relaxing and being pampered by professionals are tough to beat. You’ll leave refreshed and re-energized

Splurge: You’ve never dreamed of spending a small fortune on an item you’ve coveted for so long. We’re not talking about a dishwasher or a new coffee pot, but something so completely and utterly selfish that you’ll need to fight past the mom guilt and buy it anyway. Is there a piece of jewelry you’ve had your eye on? Is there a spot on your wall for a piece of art?

Take Yourself on a Date: Go out and explore your city without worrying about sippy cups and bathroom breaks. Find a museum and relish in the beauty of the artifacts. Have a glass of wine at lunch like you don’t have a care in the world.

Send Your Family Out: Maybe your house is where you are happiest. Can you remember the last time you were alone in it? Ask your husband to take the kids out for the day so you can enjoy it relaxing in the place you’ve worked so hard at making a home.

Do Something on Your Bucket List: What have you always wanted to do? Learn to ride a motorcycle? Take a pottery class? Start your novel? Whatever it is, use this day to make it happen.

Take a page out of your own book this Mother’s Day and care for yourself as well as you always care for your family.