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Easy Craft Night Ideas for Tired Moms

17 Feb 2015 – 06:32 PM EST

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I know you want to get your craft on like all the other moms. With their picture perfect mason jar candles and that mosaic bird bath you saw on your Facebook feed last night. (Who does that?). Why are all these craft ideas so involved? Where do these moms find the time? In truth, though, you’d love to get to crafting with your friends. It’s just the threat of more work, on top of your breakneck schedule, is intimidating. What if I could tell you about a few easy craft ideas that you and a few friends could complete in an evening and there will still be lots of time for snacks and wine? Don’t forget to send my invite here.

Wine Glass Etching

Doesn’t that sound fancy and very difficult? Well, it isn’t. It just might be the easiest craft on this little list. Here’s what you need to do. Head to the dollar store and buy as many cheap wine glasses as you can carry. (Don’t worry that they are cheap, because after you’re done they are going to look very expensive). Next head to the local craft store or office supply store to find some glass etching cream and a few stencils. Stick the stencils to the glass, add a little etching cream–wait a few minutes and peel away the stencil. Voila; etched glass. Here’s a handy YouTube video to get you started. See, didn’t I tell you this one was easy.

Sharpie Marker Mugs

Okay, maybe I was wrong earlier, maybe this one is the easiest of the lot. Seriously, in between sips of Pinot Grigio you and your girlfriends can use sharpies to write sweet (or saucy) messages on dollar store ceramic mugs. Add a few little designs to your mug if you are so inclined and throw them in the oven to cement your artwork forever to the mugs surface. Not that you really need it but here are some more detailed directions, just in case.

The title might be a bit unnerving but trust me when I say this little project is simple and turns out great. Head back to the craft store,(you’re getting to be a regular, aren’t you?) and grab a few canvases. You can usually buy them pretty inexpensively in packs of five or more. They might not be the best quality but we aren’t painting portraits for the queen so we’ll get over it. Throw some acrylic paint in your cart, too. Buy what you like because hopefully you’ll be hanging these puppies on your wall. Add a few foam brushes (cheaper and easier to use when spreading a lot of paint on a canvas) and don’t forget the piece to resitance–gold paint. See more here, but you get the picture, right? You’re going to cover that canvas in a color you love and throw some gold on there for contrast and voila–fine art for your living room.

I’d love to see some of your finished products. Leave a note to let us know how it went and add a photo if you’re prepared to share. I sincerely think you’ll have a great time hosting a few of these craft ideas with your mom friends. Happy crafting.