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Celebrating Our Wedding Anniversary Without the Kids

23 Jul 2014 – 06:30 PM EDT

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After 7 years of marriage, my husband and I continue to celebrate our wedding anniversary without the children. We are great believers in making couples time to keep our relationship going and separating our time between parenting and marriage roles.

This month, we celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary. Our schedules have been busy and we have made bigger plans to travel later in the year so we didn’t go away for a night out or a romantic dinner for two. Instead, we settled the kids in bed, poured our favorite wine, and toasted quietly in our home watching our favorite television series. The silence didn’t last long and our attention was taken from each other as we aided the kids. Soon we were distracted and spent time away from each other caring for the kids.

We were glad we didn’t make dinner plans because even though our kids are well behaved, our attention would be set on them and not on the romance. Going out to dinner with the kids involves ordering for them, sitting next to them and making sure their food is OK. The hubs and I sit across from each other but soon we are waiting on our little ones sitting right beside us. While we are open with conversations we have with our kids, it still takes away from a romantic evening for a celebration of an anniversary.

Instead, every month we try to make time for ourselves as a couple because wearing mom and dad hats really asks for our attention on more important things rather than our undivided attention on each other. Quiet time in bed before we both go to sleep for the night just isn’t enough for the couple that we are.

Our idea of celebrating marriage on our anniversary consists of fun adventures, conversation of reminiscing and being together as we were before children. There are plenty of other days in the year to celebrate life, family and love with the children in a more appropriate setting. We will continue to make our anniversary a date night for two.