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Birdwatching With Your Family

15 Oct 2014 – 05:42 PM EDT

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Fall is a wonderful time to go on nature walks and explore the beautiful foliage. While admiring the vibrant yellow and orange leaves you may spot some wildlife. Birdwatching is a fun activity for the whole family. On your next nature walk be on the look out for uncommon birds. Also listen for different bird calls. Can you identify them based on the sound they make? There are plenty of online tools and apps that can help you identify different birds and learn more about wildlife. Fall is the perfect time to go on family fun outings that are also educational.

Here are 5 tips to birdwatching with your family:

  • Download the National Geographic Bird App: Using this app you can sort through and identify hundreds of birds. You can search by region, color, size, habitat, month, and abundance. Through the app you can listen to different bird calls and read about the different bird’s characteristics. The app has lite and full versions.
  • Make it a Game: Your children will love trying to spot different birds and counting how many birds they can find. If your family is competitive you can play parents against children and see who can identify the most. If you are looking for a less competitive game, download a list of bird’s commonly seen in your area also know as field guides. Then work as a team and check them off as you find them in nature.
  • Explore Different Places: Find new locations to go on walks and go birdwatching. You can find various birds based on their habitat preferences. Some birds enjoy close proximity to water while others prefer open fields. Mix it up and find new places to explore.
  • Bird Arts and Crafts: After you go birdwatching draw the different types of birds you saw. Talk about the different colors, sizes and sounds that differentiate the birds. If your family becomes very interested you can keep a journal with pictures and words about all the various birds you’ve seen on your walks.
  • Invest in Binoculars: If your children become excited about finding new birds consider investing in a pair of binoculars. This will help your children see birds farther away.

Not only will you spot new and different birds, but you can enjoy some fresh air with your family when you go birdwatching. Sometimes it’s best to drop the electronics and explore the great outdoors while enjoying fresh air. Have you ever been on a bird hunt with your children? What did they enjoy most about the activity?