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Best Campfire Songs For Your Family

18 Jul 2014 – 07:08 PM EDT

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Going on a summer camping trip with your family is a wonderful way to bond and explore the great outdoors. Memories to last a lifetime can be made over the campfire roasting hot dogs and s’mores and singing campfire songs. You don’t need to be a professional singer or guitar player to enjoy singing with your children.

Did you know music could serve as a scaffold to foster thinking, self-expression, and cultural awareness in children? An article recently published in Early Child Development and Care focused on the use of music to engage children in thinking activities and literacy development. Yet another reason to sing around the campfire. As a family make memories and promote learning by singing with your children on your next vacation.

You may already have some favorite family songs, but in case you are looking for more here are five campfire songs to include on your next summer camping trip.

  • Going on A Bear Hunt– This song is fun for the whole family. Kids will love the adventure filled lyrics and the anticipation of finding a bear. Watch the video and learn the lyrics, sounds, and motions to use with the song.
  • This Land is Your Land – Walk down memory lane by teaching your children this classic patriotic folk song. You can also use this song as a learning experience and teach your children about the beautiful sights in America.
  • Baby Bumble Bee – Younger children will love this silly campfire song. The lyrics repeat making it an easy song to teach to small children.
  • Down By the Bay – Laugh and smile along with your kids when you sing this traditional children’s song.

Watch the videos and practice the campfire songs before you go camping. Play the songs in the car to pass the time without technology. Another idea is to print out the lyrics and bring them with you in case you forget the words. Your family will never forget the memories made around the campfire.