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Banish the Rainy Day Blahs With These Inexpensive Indoor Activities

15 Oct 2013 – 07:18 PM EDT

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Rescue a rainy day with these fun, easy indoor activities that are also easy on the wallet! Kids have always loved turning old things into new ideas and if you give them the space and supplies, you’ll be amazed at just how much fun can be had even on a rainy day! Here are three fun ideas that can be completed with standard household supplies or with items easily found in nature.

Recycled Rocket Ship


The process of collecting the supplies for your Recycled Rocket Ship can be just as much fun as the actual construction! When we made it, everyone had fun looking through the recycling bin and scavenging around each room in our house. It was also a great opportunity to talk about why we reuse things and the importance of being able to make your own fun—even on a rainy day.


After all the materials have been collected, begin assembly! Use craft glue for some of the smaller bits. You might need to help the kids out with a low temp glue gun for large pieces. After all the glue has dried, allow your child to paint, decorate and enjoy exploring space!


Matching Colors Activity


Working on colors and making the best of a rainy day is completely possible with the help of a discarded egg carton and a bag of dollar store pompoms. Add some inexpensive (but appropriately sized!) tongs and now you’re also helping your child’s fine motor skills. I made this four years ago for my first son and I’m still using the same game today with my second. Don’t worry too much if the pompoms end up everywhere at the end of this activity because more than likely, they will!


Sticks & Stones Number Game


My favorite thing about Sticks & Stones is that it can be adapted to almost any child’s age! The only supplies you’ll need are small stones and some numbered strips of paper. I play the 1-5 cards with my 2 year old, just counting and placing the rocks. He loves choosing which rocks to put on the cards and is gaining a real and tangible idea of what numbers are.

With older kids, Sticks & Stones becomes a game of counting and addition. Each person takes a turn of randomly picking out a card and counting out the stones. The game progresses until each of the cards has been dealt and the stones counted. The winner is determined by adding up each of your cards. This game is great for little kids who are just beginning to add because if they get stuck on addition, they can always use the stones to help them count.

The best thing about these activities is they keep kids busy while helping them learn and be more creative. What are some of your favorite things to do with kids when skies are gray?