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Achieve Life Balance: 4 Reasons New Parents Need to Make Time for Themselves

13 Jun 2015 – 11:53 PM EDT

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Life gets very busy once you have a baby in your lives and life balance usually gets thrown out the window. Maybe more experienced Moms or Dads who have had two or more children were able to keep things balanced when more children arrived, but most new parents find it an unbelievable challenge to keep all the areas of their lives in tact when their first little bundle of joy arrives. It’s unfamiliar territory – the good kind.

The Best Version of You

One thing that new parents tend to forget is that the best way to be the “best” parent to your child is to take time for yourself whenever possible. Your child will benefit from the time you take to rejuvenate, recharge and relax yourself. This way, they will get the ‘best’ version of you – a happy, calm and satisfied Mommy or Daddy that embraces life balance on a daily basis. This time you take for yourself can be a date night with your partner, a soothing spa treatment or going out for a coffee with your friends. (You just need to find a few solid babysitters to step in to help, so make sure you have some people you trust lined up.)

Be Energized and Ready for Anything

If you can balance your work life, your romantic life and your family life, you are one step ahead of the parenting game. Many new parents cannot seem to find any time to relax with a new baby on board. If you stop and take 20 minutes out of every 4 to 6 hours, you will notice an improvement with your energy levels. Take a cat nap with your little one, sit in meditation for 20 minutes while baby takes a nap or just read a book in absolute silence for a spell. Believe me, it can change a new Mommy’s or Daddy’s world and give you that boost of energy you need in your day to be even more of a Super Mom or Dad to your baby.

Keep the Fire A Blaze

When couples have a baby, there can be numerous stresses that arise. Worries and stress that you could have never imagined being between you two care-free lovers. It is important to take time for yourselves as a couple so that your little one grows up with a strong family unit, one where the parents are still in love. Your relationship will always need time to grow and develop and having a baby may present different experiences and challenges that can stress a marriage. Make sure you have a date night every one or two weeks, meet for lunch during a work day and go for long walks together while baby snoozes in the stroller. Make a commitment to communicating with each other often and stick to it.

You’re Human Too

Even though you are now Super Mom or Dad, you still need to have your personal needs met for optimal functioning. Take the time to groom yourself, go to church, engage in sports, take a class and hang out with friends. You will love the way you feel when you achieve life balance by taking care of your little one and you.

The mental, physical and spiritual balance in parents is extremely important when it comes to the health of the child. Healthy and happy parents equal a healthy and happy child. Take time out for you and it will allow your relationship with your baby, family and friends to flourish.