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A Son: 4 Things Every Mom Should Know About Him

11 May 2015 – 02:26 PM EDT

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Raising a son requires a whole different set of parenting tools than raising a little girl. Boys and girls are very different and there are some things that every mom should know about their boy as he grows throughout the early years. Sons can be challenging and have a variety of different needs when it comes to emotional connection, affection and communication, and it is always helpful for new Moms to have an idea of what is entailed in raising a boy.

They Never Stop Moving

Boys are always on the go. If you wonder if your son may have some over-active ‘issue’ or have questioned whether you might be feeding him too much sugar, don’t worry. Boys move. They move from the time they learn to crawl on all fours and never stop. It is just part of who they are. Bouncing, bundles of boisterous fun!

He is Just as Sensitive

Sons tend to be thought of as tougher than girls, and maybe it’s because they are rougher in their play, but they tend to be very sensitive, if not more than little girls. They learn from an early age that boys shouldn’t or don’t cry, which is not effective in teaching our sons how to communicate and express their feelings in a healthy manner. Little boys do feel the effect of harsh negative comments, they do want to feel accepted and they do worry that they might not be good enough at times. Our sons need just as much reassurance as our little girls do, and Mom is one of the first people they look to for that.

Boys are Physical Creatures

Boys are much more physical than girls. If your son tends to come home with scratches and bruises all the time, chances are he’s just having regular play time on the playground. Usually bumps and bruises aren’t much of a concern unless you suspect otherwise such as bullying or abuse of some sort. Moms have to get used to their adventurous little man falling down. He will try to climb and play with everything he comes across, which may add a few trips to the emergency room in his young life, but know that it is pretty normal for little boys to go through all of this.

They Adore Their Moms

The first woman that a son falls in love with is their Mom. Moms don’t tend to realize this, but it is true. If there is a loving and affectionate relationship between Mother and son from the very beginning, a son will always look to his Mom for a confidence booster, reassurance and unconditional love. Mom is number one for quite some time in a young boys life, and even when he experiences his first crush, so never doubt that he doesn’t adore you. Not even for a second.