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5 Shows on Netflix That I’m Embarrassed to Watch

4 Mar 2015 – 12:14 PM EST

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It might be hip to chat about Homeland and House of Cards at the office these days but what about the lesser known Netflix series that we rush home after work to binge on. Surely, I’m not the only one with a list of shows I pretend I don’t watch. Well, in the interest of total honesty, here is my list. Are any of you with me?

Yes, I could have parented the vast majority of actors on this addictive little Netflix series and I should likely be dismissing their antics as drivel while I work on the New York Times crossword, instead–but I just have to watch. I don’t like to advertise my penchant for teen drama but as you peruse this list you’ll see that this thirty-seven year old mother of two has the tastes of a fifteen year-old when it comes to television and it’s time I owned it.

Even I have to caution those that love teen dramas as much as me to be wary of this dark drama. I think it’s creepy in all the right places but I can concede that some might find it unnerving to say the least. With vampires and werewolves it slides nicely into the “Enough Already” cannon for some but I quite like its take on all things supernatural. And speaking of…

I just can’t quit the Winchesters. If you’re a fan, you’ll know what I mean. Those brothers just do it for me. I suppose you are sensing a theme by now, and yes, I guess my guilty pleasures tend to include the chilling and the spooky for the most part. I wonder what that means? I couldn’t dream of delving into anything labeled horror. I wouldn’t sleep for weeks–but these shows are just eerie enough.

Of all the shows on this list, Bates Motel has the most swagger. With Vera Farmiga leading the cast one can hardly claim embarrassment at watching but it does have a little of the same appeal as others on this list. Having never watched Psycho, the inspiration behind this series, I couldn’t begin to tell you if it does the classic justice but I can tell you that it’s just the right amount of scary for me and I recently binged the entirety of season three in a weekend.

Alright, not all my guilty pleasures involve things that go bump in the night. I have also recently taken a liking to a most inappropriate, vulgar and somewhat cringe-worthy cartoon. The fifteen year old girl inside me–the one that enjoys watching Sam and Dean Winchester chase down demons–would be horrified by this show. It’s everything you shouldn’t laugh at all rolled into a ball of purposely questionable animation.

Well, do you have any guilty pleasure you’d be willing to share? Surely, I’m not the only one to indulge on shows you wouldn’t chat about around the water cooler. Share your list below and I’ll be sure to check it out.