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5 Reasons Why You Need Original Art in Your Home

4 Ago 2014 – 12:11 PM EDT

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Look around your house. What is covering your walls. Surely, they aren’t empty. Family photos likely have their places in your home. Do you have any artwork? Not factory produced replicas found in box stores but real and true original art. Sure, it can be easy to browse popular prints, photos and sculptures at a home decorating store. They are mostly beautiful and there is a reason for that; they have been carefully chosen because of their appeal to the masses. This isn’t a bad thing; it just isn’t an original thing, either. It can be extremely rewarding to choose original art for your home (it doesn’t have to expensive) and here are five reasons why:

Art Can Be Collected

Collections are great fun and a wonderful hobby. A collection of artwork is something to be very proud of because you’ve spent so much time and effort to organize a collection that speaks to you. After all, you can be considered the curator of your very own little museum. Original artwork is often passed down for many generations. The art you acquire today can someday hang in the homes of your great-great grandchildren and beyond.

Art Appreciates

What is it they say? The only true investment left is art? Makes sense, doesn’t it? Art is one of the few investments that appreciates. If we are ever willing, however unlikely, to part with our collection it will probably be worth more than we spent creating it. Ultimately, enjoying it as it takes its place in your home is the very best part of investing in art.

Art Connects Emotionally

Artwork can stir up many emotions in a person. It is often the topic of conversation when one entertains and should be displayed proudly where visitors can enjoy and have their own emotional connection with the piece. Whether your guest is in agreement with your love of the art you’ve displayed or can make a case against it, the conversation will be an interesting and worthy one.

Art is Luxurious

Plain and simply put owning original art is a luxury. When you find something you absolutely adore it can be gratifying to take it home. We do not tire of art we adore. We do not change it with the seasons or the decor. Art is a financial luxury, yes, but more so, it is an extravagance for our soul.

Art Inspires

The effort and emotion within a piece of art can be inspiring to those who view it. We want to be better and reach higher when we are touched by art. Haven’t had this experience, yet? Take some time at your local art gallery, or the museum. Find something that moves you and you’ll walk away transformed. This is the power of original art.

While the prospect of purchasing art can be daunting, remember there is no more subjective an experience than viewing artwork. You cannot do this wrong. So, find a little money and start off small if you must. You’ll be hooked in no time. Happy Hunting.