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5 Overseas Travel Tips For Traveling With Your Kids

18 May 2014 – 02:06 PM EDT

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Whether you are going to be traveling with a newborn baby, toddler or a teenager, you will need some overseas travel tips to survive. Traveling with your kids is always a fun experience, if you are well prepared and flexible with the many unexpected changes that travel presents us with. Consider these 5 overseas travel tips for a successful vacation the next time around and enjoy a stress-free travel experience as a family.

Make Sleep A Top Priority

Many parents believe that their kids will simply fall asleep on the plane, train or boat trip because they always fall asleep in the car or in the stroller. This doesn’t always work out as planned and many parents struggle with their little one’s when they become rowdy during the travel part of the vacation. Help your child sleep so they can be refreshed by the time you arrive in your destination.

Bring An Entertainment Bag

This is extremely important when it comes to traveling with kids of any age. Make sure you have all forms of entertainment for your baby, toddler or teenager. This may include toys, a favorite stuffed animal, MP3 players, a portable DVD player, coloring books, crayons, favorite books, crafts, playing cards and so forth. Keep them entertained at all times and your fellow passengers will appreciate it.

Bring The Meds!

Children have problems with flying just as adults too and their little tummies or ears may ache causing them to break down in tears. Bring children’s Tylenol, Gripe Water, Gravil, Ovol or any other medication that you have used to calm them and to relieve them of pain and discomfort.

Be Flexible At All Times

If you are prepared for anything before you start your family travels, you will be much better off. Make sure you are ready for anything that can happen during traveling to another destination. This includes flight delays, overbooked hotels, a crying baby and turbulence. As long as you keep an open mind and realize that travel doesn’t always go as we planned, you will be able to remain calm when travel issues arise.

Teach Your Kids About Travel Awareness

Just because you are in a sunny and tropical place does not mean that there aren’t any ‘bad’ people to be aware of. Teach your children to be travel smart by telling them to apply the same safety and awareness rules that they have at home to your destination. Tell them to avoid strangers and to stick close to you or play nearby. Teach your kids about the appropriate rules in an airport such as not saying inappropriate comments that may cause security officials to be concerned and mention to them that running around is unsafe.

There is a long list of overseas travel tips that can help you enjoy a smoother form of travel the next time you are planning a vacation getaway. Be prepared, aware and teach your kids travel safety. Your family will be having fun in the sun in no time!