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5 Luxurious Activities for Couples

24 Jun 2014 – 11:41 PM EDT

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My husband and I had eight whole years of quiet dinners together, long exotic vacations, and extra money to spend on our personal hobbies before we had kids. Fast forward to the present and our “Activities for Couples” list has become less about us and more about our kids. Totally normal and quite frankly, we wouldn’t have it any other way but it’s nice to remember why we agreed to spend our lives together and have kids in the first place. These are five of our “luxurious” activities for couples that renew our commitment and passion for each other.

1. TV Time – I know it sounds counter-intuitive to plop yourselves in front of a TV for quality time together but for us, watching a show that doesn’t involve jumping characters or talking balloons is a real luxury. We’ve always been big fans of the cinema so catching up on the latest movie from one of our favorite directors while the kids are sleeping in their beds? Such a great way for us to connect and talk, like adults. Hard to imagine, I know.

2. Working Through Stress – As you all know, kids are absolutely amazing and exhausting all at the same time. Even when you’re not together, you are constantly stressed out about and for your kids. As a couple, that stress needs to go somewhere and often it’s projected at the other parent. It’s in everyone’s favor that you figure out other ways to relieve stress whether it be running, watercolor, or yoga. Check out this great article on how to give your partner a great massage from SheKnows.

3. The Little Things – Do you know what that cabinet above your stove top is really for? It’s the perfect place to store your grown-up stash of exotic chocolates, expensive booze, or fine cigars. Wait until the kids are asleep and enjoy every nibble, sip, or puff without a single shred of guilt. You both deserve this.

4. Spend It Like You Got It – Remember how I said my husband and I use to have all this surplus money to spend on our interests and hobbies? That flew right out the window around the time we were installing car seats in our minivan. Between saving for rainy days, vacations, and college, money doesn’t last long in our house anymore. It’s okay to splurge on an expensive meal for the two of you or to drop the cash on a class you can take together. Your marriage and your children will thank you!

5. Secret Moments – The number one luxury my husband and I always make time for? Those secret moments when our eyes lock and the butterflies that I remember from our early days return. Or having him walk up behind and surprise me with a quick kiss to the neck as I’m washing dishes or cooking. It’s those moments that remind us how very lucky we are.

What are some other luxurious activities for couples?