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3 Ways That Being a Parent Changes Your World

11 Jun 2015 – 04:27 PM EDT

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Being a parent is a rewarding selfless experience, and it certainly changes you and your world as you know it. By becoming a parent, you have chosen to change your life to meet the needs of your little one. I never would have believed just how much your world changes until I had my son a year ago. My world completely changed and it is no longer just about me and my needs. I have always put the needs of others ahead of mine, but having a baby and being a parent to someone who constantly needs you is very different.

I now have a new definition for a ‘good night’s sleep,’ I experience a whole new level of worry and anxiety, and my professional title quickly changed from Freelance Copywriter to work-from-home-Mom. Here are some ways that being a parent will change you and the life you once knew, forever. It’s all worth it, believe me.

New Definitions

A good night’s sleep and a tidy home mean something different to me now. A good night’s sleep used to mean 6 to 8 hours of solid sleep. Now, I refer to a good sleep as 3 to 5 hours a night. If that. Anytime I can grab some z’s is good to me. My son was a night owl for the first 10 months and he loved to stay up until 2 am. Now, it’s a bit better with him going to bed earlier, but my sleep time is limited due to multiple wake-ups throughout the night. A tidy home? What is that? I used to love our uncluttered spaces in our home. Now, every corner is filled with something baby-related. Whether it is toys, wipes, diapers or donation bags of old baby clothes, there is always something stuffed in our previously clear spaces. I can’t seem to keep the place clean and there is always some mess on the floor, couch or high chair to clean up. I am “trying” to accept the changes, but I won’t lie to you, it’s difficult at times.

A Good Time?

My idea of a good time is completely different now. It used to be going out for a ‘girls night’ and meeting up for happy hour somewhere, or going away for a romantic weekend with my husband. Now it ranges between getting out of the house for a gym workout or going to do errands on my own.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being with my son all day, but I do need a breather now and then. One thing is for sure, you appreciate the tiniest of moments once you become a parent. (I.e. Having a long uninterrupted shower)

Worry, Worry and Worry Some More

I have always had a high level of anxiety, but when I became a Mom it skyrocketed. I am now the new Mom that watches her little one like a hawk when out in public (you will get the evil eye if you get too close), who gets nervous if he coughs and freaks out when Daddy playfully throws him up in the air… Even though our son absolutely loves it. The little things I would have never worried about before now have a whole new meaning.

I have forever changed and I am constantly challenged as a new Mom. I have experienced a whole new level of love that I never could have imagined for my life. I have fallen in love twice in my life, with my husband and my son, and would never change it for the world.