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10 Easter Egg Hunt Alternatives to Candy

15 Abr 2014 – 01:07 PM EDT

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There’s no longer just one Easter egg hunt for most children. Instead Easter has become a month long celebration of egg hunts, breakfasts with the bunny and other sugary encounters. There are hunts at school, church, the park, the community center and grandma’s – and then the rabbit is still expected to show up hiding eggs on your lawn on the actual big day.

Since actual hard boiled eggs are rarely used at these festivities, that means your little ones will be coming home with basket after basket of plastic eggs filled with candy. Are you already cringing as you envision your precious children bouncing off the walls as cavities form on their teeth?

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way! Limit the number of events you attend. Volunteer to purchase some of the goodies to fill the eggs at the hunts you attend. At the very least, skip candy at home.

Here are ten ideas for non-candy treats for your Easter egg hunt.

Stickers. Buy stickers in bulk. The dollar section at Target has books of hundreds of them for just a buck. Cut them into strips of a couple stickers per egg.

Coins. Kids love money. Coins are shiny and make a delightful jingling sound. Ask friends, family and neighbors to save their loose change. Just a few coins inside each egg will do.

Cereal, pretzels, gold fish crackers or other snacks. Stuff large plastic eggs with snack size ziplock bags of healthy snacks. All of that running around while carrying a basket works up an appetite after all.

Balloons. This is for older children only. We don’t want infants or toddlers choking while on the hunt.

Erasers. Buy small, fun erasers in bulk at the dollar store.

Silly bands. Yeah, the craze has passed. Bring it back. They’re cheap!

Legos. Fans will be thrilled to have a basket filled with these.

Small cars, Squinkies or other tiny toys. Make sure you find eggs the toys fit inside before purchasing.

Arcade game tickets. Find an adult who is good at skee ball or another arcade game. Rack up a bunch of tickets. Put a few tickets in each egg.

Coupons and love notes. Show your son or daughter love with notes from the Easter Bunny, such as “Great job making that goal at soccer yesterday! I’m proud of you!” Throw in a coupon for a fun family activity like movie night or trip to the park. Sugar free and simply free!

Children won’t miss the candy (much) with these fun alternatives.