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Hillary Clinton, I stand with you

Hillary Clinton, I stand with you

“She has maintained a unifying message for the Latino community since the launch of her campaign: ‘Estoy contigo’ (I’m with you).”

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A couple of weeks ago, I tweeted my support for Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. The reality is that we are faced with trying times. Our country seems more divided than ever, as messages of hate and xenophobia have taken central stage in this presidential campaign.
A few months ago,  I wrote an OpEd in defense of our Latino community when one of our beloved reporters was removed from a press conference. Since then, I knew that if I were to endorse a political candidate, it had to be someone who stood up and fought for Latinos, and all Americans regardless of their roots. Hillary Clinton is that candidate.

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Amongst so much divisiveness, Hillary has maintained a unifying message for the Latino community since the launch of her campaign: “Estoy contigo” (I’m with you).  While other candidates boast about deportation and separating family members, without thinking of the effects this would have on the lives of honest and hard-working members of our community, Hillary continues to offer a solid plan to keep families together.

She believes that every family needs to feel like they belong here. And they do. After all, this is a country built on immigration, and one that believes that it’s greatness comes from from its people and their talent. How can I stand by and watch as we discuss walls, discrimination, and segregation? We should be moving forward, not backwards.

Here are a few other reasons why I feel Hillary is the best candidate:

  • Hillary has promised that she will do everything possible under the law to expand and enhance protections for families and communities hurt by our broken immigration system.
  • Hillary has made it a priority to announce policies and discuss issues that directly impact Latino families. She has an aggressive plan to engage and energize our community. 
  • Hillary will fight to get incomes rising again for the Latino community, even though currently Latinos are amongst the worst paid.
  • She will ensure that costs do not hold Latinos back from attending college.

I will never stop speaking up about what I feel is right for my community and for the future of my children. I am concerned with what I see each day on TV, and how much hatred is continuously spewed around Latinos and other minorities. Hillary’s “Estoy contigo” is more than just a political slogan.


I know with certainty that with her as President of the United States of America, we will once again be a united and welcoming nation that respects all nationalities, while keeping our country safe. I wholeheartedly endorse Hilary for President, who I believe is best suited to remind us all that ours is, uniquely, a country of immigrants – a fact that has served as one of America’s primary sources of greatness. For this reason, Hillary, ¡yo estoy contigo!

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