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Fact-checking the third presidential debate: 10 lies from Trump, 2 from Clinton

Our Lie Detector team analyzed the statements of both candidates during the debate. Here is the final count of false statements, a misleading one, and two truths that might seem lies but are not.
20 Oct 2016 – 04:49 PM EDT
Trump made more false statements than Clinton during the last presidential debate. Crédito: Reuters

The Univision Lie Detector team with the help of reporters analyzed the third and final presidential debate to see what lies or misleading statements were made by the candidates.

1. Clinton is not in favor of abortion in the ninth month of pregnancy, as Trump said. She has said she is in favor of abortion from the third quarter only in certain situations where the life or health of a mother is in danger. See a full analysis here.

2. Trump insists that Clinton supports a general amnesty but he continues to lie. No Clinton proposal mentions amnesty. The Democrat wants immigration reform but undocumented workers would have to take a number of steps to be legalized, as Lie Detector explains.

3. Clinton accuses Trump of wanting to destroy NATO. This assertion by the Democratic candidate is false. While Trump has made controversial statements about the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the Republican real estate mogul has not said publicly that seeks to destroy it. See a full analysis.

4. Donald Trump accused his opponent of losing $ 6 billion at the State Department, which is a lie. Here we explain why.

5. Trump says he was endorsed by ICE, the agency that controls customs and border security. But the reality is more complex and the candidate is lying, the Lie Detector found.

6. Trump is also lying when he says that no one has more respect for women than him. Although this is a subjective statement, the insults that Trump has made to women and his dubious statements make it quite obvious that this is a lie. See why here.

7. Trump is lying when he says that Clinton and Obama incite violence against his supporters. You can see the explanation here.

8. Trump lied again when he said that he didn't support the Iraq war. And it's a lie that has been repeated in recent debates, as you can see here.

9. Clinton has no evidence that Trump did not pay a penny in taxes (or at least has not presented any evidence). It's a misleading statement. The Republican candidate has not released tax returns in recent decades, so there is no way to tell.

10. Trump denied that he knows Russian leader Vladimir Putin, but that contradicts public statements he has made in which he says they are friends. Read our analysis here.

11. No, Donald Trump does not give 100% of the money from his foundation to charity. The Washington Post has revealed irregularities in some supposed donations. Unless gifts to yourself count as charity...

12. Trump attributed Clinton to the fall of Mosul, Iraq, at the hands of ISIS in 2014. But Clinton had already left her State Department post by then. See the full explanation.

The candidates also made statements that seemed like they were lies, but are actually true.

- Trump said that Obama had deported millions of immigrants during his administration. That's true. See the data.

- Clinton accused Trump of hiring undocumented workers to construct one of his most emblematic buildings. And yes, it's true.

Here are the results of all three presidential debates:

  • First debate: Trump 9, Clinton 1
  • Second debate: Trump 8, Clinton 0
  • Third debate: Trump 10, Clinton 2
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