Actor: Iván Aragón - He is the first son of 'El Chapo' and aspires to become the successor of his father.


Iván Aragón is 'Quino' in 'El Chapo'

Iván Aragón is 'Quino' in 'El Chapo'

He is the eldest son of Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman and Alejandra, his first wife.

Iván Aragón Quino en El Chapo

After first meeting him as a ten-year old in Season 1, the son of ' El Chapo' and Alejandra returns in Season 2 at the age of 19.

When his brother, 'El Moreno' the next in the line of succession, dies, 'Quino' argues he is worthy of that position in his own right.

However, after his father’s arrest, others disagree, leading to conflicting relationships with other members of the cartel, including Ismael, threatening to hopelessly divide the whole operation.

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