The Best Etsy Shops When Shopping for Babies

The Best Etsy Shops When Shopping for Babies has amazing stores for babies and new moms who want to find something special for them

Etsy shops for babies

When you're looking for something for baby, you want it to be just as special as they are. Sometimes, we won't find that perfect something in big box stores. A better way to find a unique gift for the little baby in your life is to explore the ultimate crafter and creator's website, Etsy, where you'll find some of the sweetest handmade and homemade gifts around. While browsing Etsy, it is almost as fun as finding the perfect gift, I've done the legwork for you in order to present a list of the best shops when shopping for babies.



Pinkblossomdesignco offers adorable baby bodysuits with modern designs. Any mom-to-be would be thrilled to receive such a chic and thoughtful gift. This sweet Canadian shop has even ventured into making apparel for mom. You really can't go wrong with these clever little outfits suitable for both boys and girls.



Lilfoxshoppe's handmade printwear is super trendy and would add a touch of contemporary style to any nursery. This little shop is brand new itself, at just a year old, and it's showing no signs of slowing down. The best part of this little shop is these items are so classically attractive they'll look great in any environment and baby won't grow out of the style.


Prostoconcept offers the sweetest little decorative pillows for baby's nursery. The simple designs and the delicate pastels are ideal for helping soothe baby to sleep. You won't be disappointed while browsing this darling shop. You will, however, have to restrain yourself, because just about every single thing this artist creates is absolutely adorable.



Fuzzgiggles offers a new and modern take on the stuffy. These "pint-sized furry stuffed-animal friends" are sure to cause some smiles. Can you imagine a whole litter of these sweet bunnies? If you think this little guy is cute, check out the little chicks. I'm afraid I don't even have a baby to buy for at the moment and I've already adding a



Marandalee offers a little something for mom. Sure, we love to shower babies with gifts but what about mom? How about a diaper bag that she'll actually want to carry. Sometimes a thoughtful gift for mom is just what the doctor ordered.

Before you click on any of the links above, a warning (or maybe it's too late). Once you enter the wonderful world of Etsy you're lto leave anytime soon. So, grab a coffee and a comfy chair. Happy shopping!

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