Self-Affirmations as Told By 5 Year Old Kate With Autism

Self-Affirmations as Told By 5 Year Old Kate With Autism

Autism in kids

Kung Fu Katie

Kate has autism. This is a neurodevelopmental disorder that results in some deficits in her development and, in her case, it also result in an extremely confident attitude. There have been many ups and downs for our family as we navigate a life with autism but there is certainly no shortage of laughs along the way. I recorded her words exactly as she said them, and though they are a bit mixed up at times, I am sure you'll appreciate the sentiments.

Kate loves to work with lego. She is particularly proud of her creations and must show you each one in detail. (We've never been to Legoland and I'm not even sure where she heard of it, but she thinks she'll be heading there soon)

Mama, I will buy my money and all dat money and make my lego for everypeople dat needs it. Then I will be in my show at Legoland. I can give you tickets but not if I go to bed early.

Bedtime is pretty difficult. Kate explains why here:

I don't sleep a'cause I won't bemember what good fings I might do at the nighttime.

Upon hearing me proclaim that she could read all of the sight words in her homework.

Oh My Gosh! I have powers! I have powers! What else can I do?!

Kate is constantly trying to get to the toy store. She tried this as a motivator just recently:

Did you know I am a doll. If you take me to the toy store I can buy me. I'm called, Kate Alexandra Doll and I'm for one dollar and you say: "Please can I have the Kung Fu Katie?"

On this one, I must firmly agree.

Mama, I fink I'm not or-der-rary, I fink I might be a unicorn right in my heart.


While autism is a most serious disorder, and Kate's confidence is in some ways associated with a fearlessness that can be worrisome at times, it is our plan to enjoy all the parts of Kate no matter how they manifest.

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