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Helping Your Child’s Personality Shine In Boring School Uniforms

22 Ago 2015 – 06:09 PM EDT

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It’s hard for your child’s personality to show through those boring school uniforms. My daughter despises wearing a uniform. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of white shirts and khaki. Fortunately, we’ve found some tweaks to make it a little more fun.

Here are a few accessories to put on your back to school list to spice up school uniforms.

Belts – Most school uniforms require belts. Go with a bright color or fun design.

Socks – Socks come in a rainbow of colors and just about every pattern imaginable. Stock up on funky socks that match your child’s personality. A favorite character? Race cars? Cheeseburgers? There’s a sock for that!

Shoes – There are hundreds of shoe choices – and that’s just sneakers! Perhaps they will be drawn to Vans covered in surfboards, Converse featuring their favorite super hero, hot pink ballet flats or a preppy loafer. Shop online for the biggest selection.

Headbands and bows – Girls have it easier than boys when it comes to standing out in a school uniform. A big bow or fun headband adds a lot of personality.

Sweaters and jackets – If the school doesn’t dictate this area it is a great way to layer on personality. Go with colored or patterned cardigans or a cool denim jacket.

Jewelry – Hit up Claire’s and let girls pick some necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other stylish accessories. They frequently have clearance on sale ten for ten dollars. Hand them a basket and let them go wild.

Nails – Some dress codes don’t allow for much personalization of clothing. Add a pop off color through nail polish. My daughter loves watching YouTube to learn how to do complicated nail art designs.

Backpacks – Backpacks aren’t just about holding books! Encourage them to pick one that shows their style.

Hair gel – Gel is a great way for boys to express themselves. They can play around with spiked, slicked back and faux hawk styles.

These tips will make back to school easier and let your child’s personality shine.