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How Teachers Really Feel About Your Kids By June

And it's not what you think...
6 Jun 2016 – 01:53 PM EDT

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Last day of school Crédito: Dreamstime

It’s been a long, long school year. You’re probably tired of making lunches and doing homework with your kids. You might be searching for a lost lunch bag or writing a check for a missing library book. Your kids are tired and ready for summer vacation and frankly so are you. With everyone feeling ready for a break from school have you ever taken the time to think about how the teacher might feel? As the mother of two small children and a teacher of Kindergarten, I’m going to let you know how we Elementary teachers feel about your kids by the time June rolls around.

As I’ve said, the year has been a long one. There have been multiple bussing mix-ups and late-night lesson planning. There has been report cards and parent meetings and even more lesson planning. There has been testing, testing, more testing and, you guessed it, more lesson planning. There has been tears to wipe, boogers to wipe, and bums to wipe. There has been vomit and blood to clean. There have been children who don’t listen, won’t listen and can’t listen. There has been parents and head office who don’t listen, won’t listen, refuse to listen. There has been so much to do and so little time. So if you’re wondering how we feel about your kids in June, it can be best described like this:

We love them with every ounce of our hearts. We put in the time and work and worry for every little body that walked through our classroom door. We watched them succeed and celebrated with them and we watched them struggle and suffered their defeats. We held their hands when they needed guidance and we stood back when it was time for them to go on alone. We felt every bump and bruise. We fretted over every one of their worries and we’d do it all again in a heartbeat.

So, if you’re wondering how we teachers feel about your children when it comes to June. We feel tired, and proud. We feel a little burned out and a lot ready for our summer vacation. We feel sad to see our little ones move on and we feel excited for the new ones to come. We have spent every day for ten months working and playing with your kids and we’ve grown to love them like only a teacher could.