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Healthy Lunch Box ideas : Get ready to go back to school

25 Ago 2015 – 08:00 AM EDT

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In September, if you’re like me, your children’s lunch boxes are all bento box organized with cut up veggies and a heart-shaped sandwich. It’s a healthy lunch box if their teacher ever saw one. Somewhere around March those little ones are lucky if they get a couple bags of goldfish and a slice of last night’s pizza. It’s normal to burn out after working so hard to keep things organized during the school year. Here are a few tips that’ll keep those lunch boxes healthy and interesting until the last of school.

Keep the Fridge Stocked

Having lots of choices when it comes to making your kids lunch will stop you from reaching for those pre-packaged snacks that are so convenient. Make regular visits to the grocery store and stock up on thinks like fresh fruits, veggies and cheese.

Prepare in Advance

Like, way in advance. You could spend a Sunday after noon chopping veggies and organizing them into small bags so you won’t have to think about it for the rest of the week. Simple stash the bags in your fridge so they ready to grab when lunch boxes are being filled.

Get Kids to Help

Kids, especially little ones, are especially helpful when it comes to packing their own lunch. They can wash grapes or berries or just about any job you’d like them to do. They might slow you down at first but if you let them keep working at it you’ll see they’ll be a huge help soon enough.

Always Make Extra

If your kids are okay with leftovers, always make extra at dinner time. Pack it in their lunch as soon as you clean up after supper. Sure, this might only work if you’re having pizza night but at least that’s one sandwich you don’t have to make. A healthy lunch box can include pizza if that pizza is loaded with veggies and home baked.

Summer has been a bit lazy, and that’s okay. You deserved it. But, now we have to get back into the swing of things and be ready for Fall. Why don’t you treat yourself to an expensive coffee while you plan lunches for the first week of school. Now, there is a strategy you have to like. Turn it into a tradition and you’ll be looking forward to planning lunches each week.