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10 Amazing Playdate Ideas Beyond the Park

2 Sep 2015 – 08:00 AM EDT

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I knew we needed some fresh playdate ideas when my daughter said, “Do we have to go to the park again?” Yup, my kiddo was bored of the slides and swings. It wasn’t because she’d outgrown them at the ripe old age of nine. I’d just overused it as my go to playdate activity.

Here are some of the playdate ideas I came up with instead of the park.

Throw a classic tea party. My daughter loved making tiny tuna and egg salad sandwiches. We served warm (instead of hot) tea and the kids loved the process of seeping the bag.

Play indoors instead of outside. Roller skating, bowling, arcades and indoor inflatable playgrounds are all fun options. We live in Florida, so staying out of the heat is extra appealing.

Start a book club. Search Pinterest for an activity associated with the book. If it’s a hit, make it a monthly affair. Rotate host families.

Join a club together. My daughter and her best friend did stints in Girl Scouts, soccer and a swim team together. They liked spending time together while exploring new activities.

Try a new skill. My daughter and a new friend recently took an archery class. Learning a new skill together is a great ice breaker.

Create something. Here’s a cool activity for older kids: Pick up white hats, shirts or tote bags at the dollar store. Let the kids doodle on the fabric with Sharpies then spray with rubbing alcohol for a funky tie die effect.

Find their inner foodie. Try a new restaurant or work together to prepare a meal in your kitchen.

Put on a show. My daughter and her pals love to put on fashion shows. They also put on plays, concerts and dances.

Do something good. Pick up trash. Deliver toys to the less fortunate. Collect pet food for a shelter.

Have a scavenger hunt. Give them a list of things to hunt. Make it age appropriate, but slightly challenging. Got older elementary aged kids? Do the scavenger hunt in the grocery store! Your cart will be filled in no time.

And, yes, occasionally nothing beats the park! Keeping playdate ideas in rotation keeps things fresh, which means happy, entertained kids.