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Your Teenager: 4 Things Every Father Should Know About Their Daughter

9 Abr 2015 – 04:30 PM EDT

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It isn’t easy raising a teenager, but there is a variety of things parents can try to understand before their little one hits the big 1-3. Some parents and teens go through teenagehood without a scratch, while other families have more problems and differences of opinions between the age of 13 and 18.

Many fathers may have felt as though their little princess disappeared once they hit 13, while other fathers and daughters create a stronger bond during the teenage years. While as a father, you may have been warned about the teenage daughter years, it doesn’t have to be a battlefield in every family. Educate yourself and be aware of what she may be experiencing during these tender years of development.

She Has Good and ‘Bad’Days

Just like anyone else, teenage daughters have bad days and this can include all kinds of moods or upset. When your daughter is experiencing pain or having a dark day at school, it is important to let her know you are there if she needs you or if she just needs a hug from her Dad. Avoid saying things such as ‘snap out of it!’ or making fun of her in any way. This will only build bridges between you.

If she is experiencing more bad days than good, it is important to be aware of depression and take any necessary action if she is suffering. Of course, talk to her first about how she if feeling before assuming she is depressed.

Space is Necessary

We all need alone time from time to time. Teenage girls also need their space. Because being a teenager is such a confusing time for some, it is important to give her some space. She might want to stay home sometimes when the family is going to a picnic, she may want to talk privately with her friends or she may want to just be alone in her room. In the world of a teen, there is so much going on and fathers need to give their precious little angels some time to themselves when needed. Just don’t let her become a hermit as this could lead to severe antisocial behavior.

She is ProbablyUnsure of Herself

Some daughters seem like they are on a confident path, but this is usually just a mask. Most girls during the teenage years suffer with identification and self-esteem issues. They may not feel as though they belong anywhere or have difficulties fitting in with peers at school. It is extremely important for fathers to reassure their daughters with regards to their natural abilities, talents and beauty. Try not to focus on just one area of her life or else she may feel as this is the only way people will identify her worth. For example, if she is a sports champion, mention how amazing her mathematical skills are or that her artistic skills are fantastic.

She Always Needs You

Many fathers believe that once their little girl becomes a teenager that they don’t require their ‘Daddy’ anymore. Your daughter will ‘always’ need you throughout her life, even if she says she doesn’t. She will need you to be there when she graduates high school, when she buys her first car, when she gets married and when she has kids of her own. She will always need you in her life, so never, for even a second, think she does not. You’ll always be her Daddy.