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Three Tips for Effective Long Distance Parenting

6 Nov 2014 – 06:19 PM EST

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Sometimes jobs, divorce and other circumstances beyond our control can take us away from the little ones in our lives. You can use effective long distance parenting tools to get you through those times you have to be away from your child. Nowadays, parents have numerous resources to be in touch with their child on a constant basis and being in touch with our kids and showing interest in their lives is one of the best positive parenting techniques you can use.

Parents can keep in touch daily through the use of iPads, Skype services, Smart Phones and laptops and they can use text, emails, social media platforms and chat platforrms (i.e. Yahoo Messenger) to stay on top of everything with their child. If you can’t physically be there with your child, try some of the following effective forms of long distance parenting to keep the bond between you strong and the doors of communication open.

The Old-Fashion Approach

If you are a bit old-fashioned, try writing your child letters and mailing them to them when you are away from them. Even if you speak to your child on the phone every night, they will love hearing from you in a letter and receiving something with their name on it. You can draw pictures, add color and even teach them something through drawing diagrams and pictures. While this form of communication with your child seems truly outdated, it can still be extremely genuine and more effective because it requires more of a physical action.

Email and Text Can Go a Long Way

The more you communicate with your child, the more they will feel valued. In this modern day and age, most kids are computer literate and texting and emailing your child is considered a normal and effective ways of communicating. Your child will be able to express things to you that they may not always tell you face to face and you can send endless messages when you are away from them.

Use Skype or FaceTime to Enjoy Personal Chat Time

Many cell phones have a function like FaceTime where you can see each other through a live feed, screen and video source. This only works if you and your child both have the same type of Iphone. If you child has access to a laptop or desktop computer and you have access as well, you can both download the Skype program and chat for free anytime you log on.

It is important to remember that technology is your best friend when it comes to keeping in touch with your child when you have to be away from them. It can always offer you reassurance as a parent and let you know that your child is doing ok. Communication is the key to any successful relationship, including the one between a parent and child. Keep in mind that nothing replaces a personal visit with your child, a warm hug or a friendly phone call from Mom or Dad.