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The Five Best Series on Netflix This Fall For Moms

16 Sep 2014 – 02:31 PM EDT

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You really can’t get any more subjective than this. I am a working mom with a special needs child and I am making a list of the five best series on Netflix for Fall. I didn’t do a survey, or research viewership stats. I simply decided that this Fall, these are the shows I want to spend my very rare and very precious free time watching. If you’d like to indulge in something different, far be it for this mom to stop you, but if you’re a tired, rundown, overworked and yet strangely happy mom, like me, these shows might do it for you, too.

Do not, I repeat, do not attempt to watch this show when your brain is tired. Reserve the genius of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes for when you can pay attention to every quirky detail of this character. I save this one for times when my brain is on overload (mostly late at night) and I need a smart, witty and fascinating show to keep it entertained. Warning: You will become addicted to this show. Addicted in a ‘baby can last in that diaper for as least one more episode’ kind of addicted.

To be frank, this show will take you approximately three full episodes before you can stop wondering what is going on and if you even like it. Once you hit the fourth episode you will start to realize you are watching the best series to hit television since Breaking Bad. With its main characters based on Shakespearean villains who commit political evils that must be seen to be believed, you can’t go wrong with this intense drama. While its plot is less gritty than our beloved Breaking Bad, it’s brutality and plot intricacies are second to none. You might as well get started because you are already two seasons behind.

Need something to watch while you scroll your phone and flip through a magazine? Don’t pretend you don’t do it, too. Sometimes we use the television to keep from being alone. Friday Night Lights is a solid show with likable characters and interesting plot lines but you won’t need to keep glued to enjoy it for what it is. Catch up on your email and let this show keep you company.

If you’ve ever wanted to be transported to another time, this is the closest you’ll get. You’ll fantasize about sipping a bourbon while you work and wearing your Sunday best every day of the week. If it wasn’t for the glass ceiling, we ladies might just want to go back to these more glamorous times. Don’t let the perfect hair and the silver cigarette holders fool you. This show offers more drama than many on the list.

Remember, I am mom with some opinions about television, so before you argue this next point, walk a day in my shoes. Louis is the funniest human being to walk the earth and his funny is the kind of funny I need. Do you disagree? I’d love to hear why. Comment below. Whether you’re on board with his brand of funny or not you must admit that the man is smashing success and so is every single thing he touches.

There you have it. One tired mom’s list of what to watch on Netflix this fall. Did you think you were going to see the Gilmore Girls and OITNB? Not on my list. What’s on your list?