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Ten Reasons My Dog is a Better Person Than Me

20 Ene 2015 – 12:59 PM EST

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Every dog is a good dog. In fact, the title of this could easily be changed to, “Ten Reasons Your Dog is a Better Person Than You” and the facts would remain the same. If you don’t have the luxury of living with a dog you might remedy that after reading why they might be the greatest creatures on earth.

  • He’s breathtakingly beautiful. Sweet Oakley; a stunning yellow lab with eyes so soulful they could make you weep. You’ll rarely look upon something more exquisite. A good dog, a great dog, a best friend.
  • He’s uncannily smart. How does he know when we need him? His innate ability to find members of our family when they need the presence of a sweet, soft, completely attentive companion.
  • He thinks you’re brilliant. Every move you make, ever breath you take, he’ll be watching you, and he thinks you are amazing. At the risk of sounding too cheesy I’ll stop there but I think you get my drift.
  • He will never criticize you. Do you tend to run late? Do you eat too many donuts? Are you behind on your mortgage? He won’t mind a bit. In fact, he might love you more. Your missteps mean nothing to him. You are simply human perfection in his big brown eyes.
  • He’s not picky. He’ll sleep on the cold floor just to be near you. He’ll wait hours by the door at the promise of you walking in after a long day’s work. He’ll take what he can get as long as can spend some time with you.
  • He never complains. Even if he could speak he wouldn’t lament a thing. He is deliriously happy with his lot in life and he couldn’t ask for more. A pat on the head and a belly rub now and then and he feels like he’s on top of the world.
  • He loves everyone he meets. He’ll be the life of every party. He’ll lick the hand of anyone who reaches out. His tail will wag with enthusiasm upon greeting anyone in his path.
  • He’ll lick your tears. Having a tough day? Life getting you down. Let it all out and see how quick this sweet pup comes to kiss away your tears. Yes, maybe he enjoys their salty goodness but he’s there for you either way.
  • He’ll sooth your soul. When the world seems harsh and you can barely cope with the demands of everyday life, a nuzzle from this guy will cure what ails you. How can things possible feel bad when you have the love of a good dog?
  • He’s my hero. He is a service dog (as if the previous nine bullets weren’t enough). He protects my little girl with every ounce of his being and for that he is my hero.

Well, have I convinced you? Do you agree your dog is a better person than you? If you have yet to experience doggy companionship, have I made you realize you should be heading out now to find your perfect puppy pal? Either way, next time you meet a furry four-legger I hope you show him the respect he deserves because he will most certainly show you.