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Teaching Children the Power of Kindness

30 Sep 2014 – 11:42 AM EDT

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It is very important to teach kids to be kind to others so they can develop strong and healthy relationships throughout their lifetime. Simple acts of kindness can go a long way when it comes to creating solid friendships and building healthy relationships that are unselfish and that last for many years. Kindness is another word for paying it forward. Paying it forward is giving of one’s self in the hope that the kind actions presented continue to pass on from person to person with no expectation of anything in return. Teaching kids to be kind on a general basis and to do something kind for someone every day is a fabulous start at helping your child be the best they can be. Kids that show kindness to others are known for having more friendships, as well as having more confidence in themselves and their actions.

One Kind Action Every Day

One of the best ways to teach your child to be kind is to give them examples of things they can do every day that will either help someone out or make someone’s day a little brighter. It could be as small as brightening someone’s day with a smile and helping Dad with the groceries to bigger actions such as creating a nice picture for a teacher they really like and appreciate or giving Mom a big bear hug when she comes home from a long day at work.

Teach Them That Judgment Hurts

Kids say all sorts of painful words and comments to other kids, from “fat and ugly” to “stupid and worthless.” Young kids don’t see that far ahead and do not know how their words will affect another the other person. Teach them that being kind to someone is about being positive every day and that it is about appreciating other people for their unique characteristics, features and abilities.

Words Like Thank You and Yes Please Go the Distance

It is important for kids to know these two words. Being kind is about being respectful to others as well as not taking anyone for granted. Make sure your kids greet people properly and say “thank you” when given something and “yes please” when asking for something.

Be An Example of Kindness

Treat your kids kindly and they will learn the value of kindness. Be supportive and caring even when you are truly exhausted and irritated after a long work day. Show your kids what kindness is, whether it is saying thank you to the waiter at a restaurant for fantastic service or by donating some change to a local charity at a store.

A child will feel good about themselves if they are kind to others. Being kind to others builds a great sense of self and trust in their own actions. Give your kids the best chance by teaching them how to be kind and loving on a daily basis.