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Sleepless in Los Angeles: A Mother’s Tale

19 Ago 2015 – 10:46 PM EDT

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A tired sleepless woman with the pillow over her head . Isolated over white.

If I had an online code name, it would be Sleepless in Los Angeles because that’s me. I’m sleepless. I have a seven year old and two year old, and let’s just say I’m tired.

The seven year old wakes up early, and I mean early and it doesn’t matter if it’s a school day or not. The two year old is a horrible sleeper. He doesn’t take naps willingly. And if he does, I want to just let him sleep and sleep so I can get a much needed reprieve. It’s a dirty, sleepless cycle.

During the night, the two year old is such a light sleeper that any toss or turn, any noise at all, wakes him up and it takes a while (or a visit to my bed), to get him back to sleep. It’s been a long time since I had a good night sleep, one where no one was kicking me in the ribs.

But here’s kicker. If both boys do go to sleep, I want to stay up (which absolutely contributes to this sleeplessness). Why do I want to stay up? It’s because I need a moment to myself. I’m sure most parents can agree! After a busy day of tending to everyone but yourself, a few rounds of Candy Crush or surfing Pinterest or trolling Facebook sounds great. It’s a way to escape and relax all at the same time. And if it’s not that, it’s catching up on my reality tv obsession.

I’ve yet to figure out the perfect balance. Yet, I know this sleepless period will be but a distant memory in a few years. Perhaps I’ll look back at it fondly or wish the kids were this little again. Only time will tell. And hopefully I’ll get some much needed sleep in between.

Moms, who’s with me on this?