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Show Your Daughter You Love Her Today

18 Feb 2014 – 10:42 AM EST

Raising a daughter is joyful and sometimes complicated. You tell her you love her, but how do you show her? Here are some ideas that will help you build a strong relationship with your little girl when she’s in diapers or when you’re shopping for her prom dress.

  1. Let her wear your lipgloss. Yes, even if it costs $25 a tube. Just a tiny dab so she can be like Mommy.
  2. Read the same book as her. Start by reading her favorite storybook over and over (and over again) when she’s a toddler, then move on to picking up a second copy of the chapter books she’s into when she’s older. (The library usually has multiple copies.)
  3. Learn the words to her favorite song. Rock out to her music with her – from “Wheels on the Bus” to “Wrecking Ball.”
  4. Really listen to her. Go beyond the tantrums or tween moodiness to hear what she’s really saying.
  5. Tell her about your childhood. Introduce her to your favorite childhood TV shows, games and activities.
  6. Show her how to do the things you enjoy – baking, shoe shopping, biking, yoga, etc.
  7. Include her in your life. Ask for her thoughts and opinions. Have discussions with her. Share your accomplishments. Talk about your day.
  8. Hold her hand. And not just you’re crossing the road.
  9. Dance with her. Dancing with daughters isn’t just for daddies! Get your groove on!
  10. Brag about her in front of other people. However, be careful not to embarrass her.
  11. Help her brainstorm solutions to her problems. This shows her you support her, while teaching her to stand on her own two feet.
  12. Tuck her in every night. Don’t stop when she says she’s too big.
  13. Apologize when you’re wrong. We mess up sometimes. So will she. Teach her to do it gracefully.
  14. Wash her favorite t-shirt, dress or nightgown even if it isn’t laundry day. Even if it’s the fourth time she’s worn it in a week.
  15. Smile when she enters the room. This lets her know you’re always happy she’s part of your world.

A solid foundation of showing your daughter you love her when she’s small will carry over to the more challenging tween and teen years. She’ll feel more comfortable coming to you with her questions and problems. Her friends may even think you’re the cool mom!

How do you show your daughter you love her?