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Mom’s Night Out: Creative Ways to Get a Night Out With Friends

24 Jul 2015 – 12:05 PM EDT

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My saving grace as an at-home mom of three kids: Mom’s Night Out. After racking up long days with three cranky children without a moment to myself, I found myself becoming a cranky mom as well. The other moms I talked to wanted the same thing: a night out with other moms to kick back and rejuvenate. So we started getting together.

Of course, the usual plan often became a night out at a local restaurant. The problem was, we were so starved for intelligent, adult conversation that the waiters often became impatient for us to leave and free up the table. So we had to become a little creative to get our precious Mom’s Night Out time together. Logistics became a challenge. Some of the moms lived over an hour away. Some had little money to spend. Others were single moms. There were times we simply gathered in each other’s houses with the kids and hired a babysitter to keep the kids entertained while we talked in the kitchen. We even had sleepovers at each other’s houses and enjoyed our time together after the kids went to sleep.

Here are some other ways you can create a Mom’s Night Out of your own–I’ve done them all:

Start a Mom’s Club:

Gather together 12 moms. Each month, one mom hosts a Mom’s Night Out in her home. The host mom will determine the activity for the night. You can do crafts, play games, discuss a book, scrapbook, or other fun activity. The host mom will provide the entire meal–this gives you the ability to enjoy 11 other meals throughout the year without having to cook.

Activity of the Month:

Love yoga? Kayaking? Knitting? How about pole dancing? The idea behind this is to try something totally new with a bunch of moms (or even your Mom’s Club) and meet new moms in the process. You can set up a Meetup around this concept or simply set up a community event and open it to moms everywhere. The bonus: you step way out of your comfort zone in trying something new with moms you know or open it to meeting new moms.

Host a Moms Night Inn:

When my kids were very young, they were each diagnosed with hearing loss. I really needed the support and networking with other moms so I created a non-profit organization providing family support. One of the activities we held each year was a Mom’s Night Inn at a local hotel. Each mom paid a fee for the weekend and that fee covered the hotel, food, and activities. We brought in speakers and played ice-breaker games. After dinner, we had massages provided by interns from a massage school. A local business donated pedicures. We did crafts and had a dessert bar. You can create a Mom’s Night Inn centered around moms with a common interest or simply gather up all your mom friends and do a weekend away.

Speaking of weekends away, some of the best times I had were mini-vacations with other moms. A weekend at a lake house, a baseball game in another state, a tulip festival, and more.

And the best part of a Mom’s Night Out?

I could go to the bathroom uninterrupted.