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Has Your Child Been Affected By Bullying? 5 Action Plans

15 Jul 2014 – 02:44 PM EDT

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Does bullying affect your child’s every day experience of life? Are they being bullied at school, on the playground or in their neighborhood? If this is a regular occurrence and you know for a fact that your child is being bullied, you need to take action. Bullying can place serious mental and physical effects on a child and put a halt to their personal development and growth. It can also lead to severe anxiety and social phobias which can turn into ultimate isolation.

The sooner parents can take action to help their child survive this type of experience, the sooner they can resolve it, put an end to it and get their child back to their happy selves. We may not be able to protect our kids from being bullied their entire lives, but when they are young and unable to defend themselves, they need some guidance and help from us “big” people.

Give Them A Safe Place To Talk

It is extremely important that your child can feel free to come to you whenever they need to. While it may take them some time to talk about their bullying experience, kids will eventually open up if their home and family bond is a secure one. Make sure your kids know you are there to actively listen and follow through when they finally open up.

Teach Your Child Power Words

Words like “NO!” and “STOP!” have a lot of power to them. Teach your kids direct words that clearly set boundaries. It is essential that your children know how to say these words and to know when certain behaviors like punching, hitting and saying hurtful comments are unacceptable. The more tools you give your child when they are out in the world, the more they will be able to defend themselves which will lead to a greater level of confidence.

Teach Your Child To Ask For Help

Make sure your child knows how to ask for help when a bullying experience occurs. Teach them to tell an authority figure and that it is OK to name names in the case where someone is physically, emotionally or mentally hurting them.

Speak To Authority Figures

As a parent it is your job to take action outside of the home if your child is constantly being bullied. If you child is suffering from bullying at school talk to their teachers. If they are being bullied in the neighborhood, speak to parents and guardians. It is imperative that the situation is brought to light so that authority figures can take the appropriate action to resolve the issue.

Fight Bullying As A Family

If the bullying has stopped and your child is able to experience a stress-free day, it doesn’t end there. Being bullied can have serious mental, physical and emotional affects on a child. A smart plan of action is to fight back and not in the literal sense. End the pain by working as a family and with a professional counselor who can offer some action plans for healing.