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Gift Ideas for the Men in Your Life

20 Nov 2014 – 05:13 PM EST

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You’ve exhausted all your options. He already owns the latest in electronics and every tool known to man. He prefers to pick out his own clothes (and rightly so, don’t you feel the same way?) and colognes are a thing of the past. So, what do you get for the man in your life? Here are some interesting and unique gift ideas for him.

The Intellect
Let your brainiac test his skills against the great ones with this IQ test kit. Hopefully he won’t feel too bad when you take a turn and blow them all away. Maybe go easy on him, and hide your results. After all, these are gift ideas for him.
The Gamer
How about a novelty item for the gamer in your life? This personalized flask will have them reminiscing about the games of yesteryear. Remind them that drinking and gaming don’t mix.
The Athlete
Have you seen these things, yet? The Bike Trainer might just be the coolest piece of fitness equipment to come out in recent years. All you need is the energy to get on it. You won’t have to leave the comfort of your own home, either.
The Chef
How about a personalized menu board to display your chef’s latest creation? You know all the ladies are jealous that your husband cooks, right? Why not list the culinary delights just to make them drool.
The Artist
Only another artist can truly appreciate original art. Treat your Picasso to a piece from his favorite artist. That is, if you can afford it. If not, find a local artist with some serious talent that just hasn’t been discovered yet. Plus, it feels all grown up and stuff when you finally own original art.
The Bartender
This one is easy. Personalized pub glasses would make any home bar complete. You may even decide you need a special set just for yourself. This could be the start of something pretty cool in your basement.
The Entertainer
Do you have a man in your life that loves to entertain? Is he the life of the party? Help him hold court during your get togethers with these tabletop topics. There will never be a lull in the party as the topics keep coming.
The Rocker
This sweatshirt will give your concert goer a smile. I know you worry he’d sell your first born for tickets to a rock show but relax, he wouldn’t, would he?
The New Dad

What dad doesn’t understand a playbook? Give him the ‘new dad‘ version so he can make all the best plays with his new little one. When in doubt revert to the book. It’s written in a book, so it must work right?

The Comedian

Here’s something that’ll make the joker laugh. There are no rules when it comes to buying gifts for the funny man in your life. Anything for a laugh; isn’t that what they say?

You know as well as I do, that gifts don’t make the season but they sure do help. Find something unique and special on this list for the man in your life and here’s hoping he’ll treat you to something special in return.