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Gentle Giants: Greyhound Adoption

26 Ene 2015 – 11:56 AM EST

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Puppies are cute, right? Who doesn’t love a puppy? Me, that’s who. With their tiny razor teeth and their incontinence these sweet little balls of fur can be a tad overwhelming for a mother of two. While many are lining up at the breeder for a chance to snuggle with a picture perfect furbaby, I’ll take my chances with a mature dog any day. The idea of Greyhound adoption hit my radar just weeks ago and let me tell you, I am hooked.

While we won’t be able to take part in a greyhound adoption ourselves, I’d like to commit to encouraging others to do so this year. We’ve recently welcomed an autism service dog into our home and at two years old this working dog is a bit of dream in the household pet department. No thanks to us, he is a well trained, lovable yellow lab with skills beyond our expectations. He is a pleasure to have in our home. He isn’t chewing through the drywall or eating the couch cushions. He is calm and comfortable and so cuddly I could melt. He’s made our family realize that a mature dog is where it’s at.

Our success with, Oakley, had me thinking about the benefits of adopting a mature dog. After a little research, (an entire evening and a bottle of wine), I discovered a most handsome and gentle breed that might just make the best pet for any home. The greyhound, or gentle giants as are sometimes known, has all the features of the perfect pet and more. Although they are built for speed they require very little exercise and are well known for their sweet disposition with adults and children. If you are looking to adopt a pet this season, consider bringing home a retired greyhound for your family. You’ll fall in love with the lanky thing, and he’ll be sure to return the favor.

As I read about the history of greyhound racing and the many organizations that have come to rescue these lovable pups I won’t pretend I didn’t shed a tear or two. I’ve always been taught that every home needs a dog and every dog needs a home and the idea that these dogs worked without the love a family could provide kicked me right in the feels, for sure. While the idea of greyhound racing can be a polarizing one, I think we can all agree that once these prestigious dogs are retired they deserve a home just like yours; a home where they can lay in front of the fire be are cuddled by a toddler or two; a home where they can clean up the cheerios under the baby’s highchair and a home where they can rest and be the love of your life rather than the money in your pocket. These kind souls deserve better.

If I haven’t convinced you to add a greyhound to your family this year, maybe I can convince you to share this message with someone who might.