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Five Smoothies to Kick Start Your Day

26 Ago 2014 – 01:08 PM EDT

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Three kids, three different directions at times. How I wish I had discovered smoothies when my kids were toddlers! There were so many days when I was rushing around to get everyone out of the house that I often forgot to feed myself in the process. I was never much of a breakfast gal, but today, I kick-start my mornings with delicious and healthy smoothies. Even my kids enjoy them! Smoothies are natural energy drinks–the protein you add will keep your energy going when you need it most. I often whip up a batch of smoothies before I head out in the morning.

I keep several containers of frozen fruit on hand for those mornings when time is tight. I purchase as many fruits and vegetables locally as I can and freeze them. During the off-season for the fruit I want, I shop for the organic frozen ones instead. The added bonus of using frozen fruit means you can skip the crushed ice. Check the labels on the juices you use to make sure there are no additives like high fructose corn syrup.

Confession here: I’m not a big fan of vegetables in my smoothies. I prefer to get my veggies throughout the day, either grilled, baked, or raw. But having said that, a smoothie is a great way to hide veggies, especially for the kids who are picky eaters!

Protein powder is my saving grace for added protein. I use Garden of Life (I like the Vanilla flavor) or sometimes add the meal-replacement formula for a more filling smoothie. There are lots of GMO-free, organic, raw proteins out there. Experiment until you find a taste and texture that you like.

Without a doubt, you’ll need a great blender or you’ll end up with chunky drinks. I don’t know about you, but I can’t handle chucks of kale floating among pineapple in my drinks!

For the times I’m craving a bona-fide milkshake, my secret ingredient is Coconut Bliss ice cream. The ice cream is vegan, soy-free, and dairy-free.

Here are five smoothies to kick-start your day. Adjust the quantities however you want to produce one drink or a blender full. Think of these as your natural energy drinks!

1. Dreamsicle:

Tangerines, segmented

Oranges, segmented

Vanilla almond milk

Your favorite protein powder

The next one is from the Naked Bliss Milkshake Book (Milkshakes in the morning, heck yeah! It’s dairy free!)

2. Kale Colada

Coconut Bliss Vanilla Island

Coconut water

Pineapple chunks (frozen or fresh)

A couple leaves of kale

Crushed ice

3. Chocolate-covered Strawberry

Chocolate almond milk or plain almond milk with a chocolate protein powder (When I want to go wild, I add Dark Chocolate Coconut Bliss ice cream.)

Scoop of almond butter

Frozen or fresh strawberries

4. Black and Blue



Pomegranate seeds

Chia seeds

Blackberry, grape, or cherry juice (Make sure these are pure juices)

Crushed ice

5. Peachy Keen

Frozen or fresh peaches

Green grapes


Your favorite vanilla protein powder or almond butter

Coconut water or almond milk

Crushed ice

(You can also get away with throwing carrots in this one.)

Got a smoothie recipe you love? Share it in the comments!