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Don’t Screw Up Again: A Father’s Day Gift Guide You’re Gonna Need

14 Jun 2015 – 12:23 PM EDT

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He’s put up with a lot over the years. This Father’s Day show him you appreciate all the times he bailed you out, figuratively (I hope). For the sake of restitution for the poor man are you going to insult him with a tie, a mug or worst of all, drugstore cherry chocolates? Your overworked, under appreciated father deserves better. Remember that time he picked you up at the gas station after a questionable night out with your friends? Or that time he caught you…well, you know what you did. Did he ever tell mom? No! That man is as loyal as they come so find him something special on this list to show him you remember his sacrifices and you care deeply enough that you’re willing to spend a little cash to prove it.

Look, I could bounce you all around the internet to find cool gifts for dad but that’s no fun for you and it only serves to take away precious time where you could be watching Netflix. I already found the supreme place for one stop dad’s day shopping and I swear you’re going to thank me, preferably with a gift card to this site. I receive no kick back for singing this website’s praises but if the owner happens to read this I wouldn’t say no to the ‘Sunset Wine Tote’.

Without further ado, my favorite new website to shop for dads is: uncommongoods. Okay, it’s my favorite new website to shop, period. This site carries unique, high quality and all around awesome items for dad (and you). Most things are affordable if you can spend a week without your tall, non-fat, sugar free, latte with soy milk. Others, like a stool made from the home base from an actual Major League Baseball stadium, will cost a few months rent. Really, you just have to decide where your priorities lie. However, I’d go somewhere in between for the old guy. After all, there is a good chance this man raised you! Seriously, check it out. This isn’t your father’s website…er, well, you know what I mean.

Got a geeky dad? An engineer, perhaps? I know a thing or two about those guys since I married one. Try this Kinetic Gear Key Holder. He’ll love it. It’s kind of like getting a really useful toy. And, isn’t that what we all really need, anyway? At least then, he’ll always know where his keys are when you need a lift somewhere.

Is dad more of a sporty guy? Try this chairlift print to thank him for all those days spent on the hill fighting stiff ski boots and crowded lodges. He spent day after day of perfect ski weather on the bunny hill to make sure you would learn to ski and you decided after eight winters that Yoga was more your thing. That man needs a great big thank you. Plus, this is super cute.

Maybe dad likes to sit back and listen to tunes when he isn’t chauffeuring, coaching or writing out a cheque. Look at these mixed tape glasses. Can you handle this level of cool? Let dad sip on a well-earned drink while he reminisces about making play lists for mom before you were born. If you’re lucky maybe dad will tell you how they did it back in the day…making those mixed tapes, that is.

Other favorites on this site are the ‘Ballpark Blueprints’, ‘Deep Sea Sand Art’ and the ever popular ‘Personalized Whiskey Barrel’. Don’t take my word for it. Spend some times browsing and you’ll have your father’s day gifts figured out in no time. You might also find a little something for yourself. Those Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses are already in my cart.