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Do You Have Fun Activities Planned to Celebrate Star Wars Day With Your Kids Yet?

Here are few ways that will make you the coolest parent in the neighborhood
3 May 2016 – 03:33 PM EDT
May the 4th be with you! Crédito:

Whether you are an entry level Padawan learner Star Wars fan or a seasoned Jedi Master sitting on the Jedi Council, there are lots of easy last minute ways to celebrate May 4th - Star Wars Day. (Get it? May the FOURTH... be with you!)

The most basic and common celebration tools are to quote the movies left and right all day (“I’ve got a bad feeling about this...”), to dress up as a character (or just wear Leia buns), sport your Star Wars shirt and to post on social media. If you go farther than that, your kids will think you’re amazing. And that’s what this is all about!

If you haven’t yet watched The Force Awakens, this is a super day to do so. Since it’s a school night, you may not have time in the evening so perhaps a four minute video review of the first six movies created by a kid with a massive Star Wars Lego collection can suffice. Or will your family have time to squeeze in an episode of Lego Star Wars, Rebels or The Clone Wars?

Since you have to eat anyway, celebrate with Star Wars food. Start the day by waking your family wearing Yoda ears and say “Ready for breakfast, are you?” Serve anything from a pancake with a hole in it (a Death Star) to the official Star Wars cereal to (Princess Leia) cinnamon buns. Pack “Ham Solo” sandwiches for lunches, serve blue milk(shakes) at dinner (just like Aunt Beru’s!) and finish off the day with some Wookie Cookies. I’ve even found a recipe for bread like Rey ate in The Force Awakens! Get creative, search Pinterest and find a Star Wars twist on your family’s favorite recipe!

Hit the library and check out some Star Wars books for each family member.

Cozy Classics have the classic Star Wars stories created with felted wool characters and tell each story in just 12 words. Perfect for toddlers.

I also really have to share Star Wars ABC - this is the book that started it all with our now four year old son. At nine months old, he wanted to read this constantly. I can’t recommend enough.

Little Golden Books offers a G rated retelling of each movie as well as some bonus books such as I am a Pilot, I am a Jedi and more. As expected, these are for preschoolers.

Disney’s Star Wars Five Minute Stories is for four six to eight year olds and will be a delight to everyone.

Star Wars Jedi Academy is about a boy starting out in Jedi training. This trilogy is geared towards your eight to twelve year Padawans.

Star Wars in 100 Scenes is for everyone! It retells the first six stories in movie stills and provides lots of extra, fun facts.

Young teens will enjoy Smuggler’s Run: A Han Solo Adventure along with it’s Leia and Luke Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens counterparts.

Teens and adults alike can easily get into William Shakespeare‘s Star Wars Trilogy, which puts a really fun twist on the original trilogy. They’re quick reads - attest, I can.

Again, this is by far an exhaustive list.

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Create your own light sabers at home if you don’t already have some out of pool noodles or paper towel tubes. Light saber duels are a must on May the Fourth, afterall.

Freeze a Han Solo action figure in a block of ice and ask the kids to chip him out to pretend he’s in carbonite.

Download an Imperial Death March ringtone on your phone and treat your teen and partner to the same.

This is the first May Fourth after the recent Star Wars The Force Awakens release so the first time we can celebrate with new characters: Rey, Finn, BB8, Poe, Maz and Kylo. Print off come coloring pages, make a Maz hand print painting or do some Star Wars Mad Libs or Word Blanks.

After the kids are tucked in, don’t forget to enjoy a Star Wars themed cocktail with your significant other!

If you happen to be in NYC, this would be an ideal day to visit the Star Wars and the Power of the Costume Exhibit at Discovery Times Square.

On the other side of the US, in Petaluma, CA, you can visit Rancho Obi-Wan, the world’s largest privately-owned Star Wars collection museum. You must obtain permission to visit the museum from its owner.

Pop into a Lego Store throughout the US and get an exclusive First Order Storm Trooper minifig with a $50 purchase from April 30 to May 4th.

Also check out the official Star Wars website’s top ten ways to celebrate May the Fourth.

What did I miss? How does your family celebrate May the Fourth? Happy Star Wars Day!

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