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Crock Pot Recipes That’ll Have You Wishing For Sweater Weather

22 Oct 2014 – 12:40 PM EDT

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Gone are the pool parties and backyard BBQs. Bring on the Football and sweater weather. For those of us that relish all things Fall, this time of year is a welcome relief from summer’s heat and hectic schedule. Back to school and back to routines that offer comfort and order. If you’d like to add a little more comfort to your days this Fall try these decadent crock pot recipes that are sure to please anyone.

There is nothing that speaks more to gorgeous Autumn days than crisp apples. For a twist on enjoying your apples this year try a recipe that is so tasty it could be considered dangerous. This divine hot apple dip will be a family favorite and a regular treat at home. Get creative and serve the dip with apple slices, crackers and even a cookie or two. Let’s be honest with ourselves, these foods are just vehicles to get that delicious hot apple pie dip into our bellies.

One luxury that always comes with the season is allowing the crock pot to spend the day cooking a hearty and healthy dinner for the family while you do other things. We’ve all walked into the house after a long day of work and chores to the smell of a meal cooking to perfection with little effort on our part. The family will rave about this chicken stew with butternut squash and you’ll be able to sit down and enjoy a warm meal right along with them.

Why not try a variation on an old favorite? Chili is a staple for this time of year. We serve it during Sunday Football and we add it to nachos and salads to mix it up. Play with the flavor this year and add some pumpkin to your chili recipe. See if your guests can detect what’s making this meal so savory and sweet. Cooking with fresh and seasonal ingredients is always a great idea.

Crock pots allow us to experiment a little more than we might if cooking by stove or oven. The ingredients must be dropped into the pot with the assurance that the final product will be a culinary delight. Take a chance with a recipe like this sweet potato mash with pecans. It’s a mouth watering side that might just be added to your weekly menu this Fall.

Did you know you can make warm drinks in your crock pot? Well, you do now. Skip the long lines and the pricey coffees at your local coffee shop and make your own steaming pumpkin spiced latte. This recipes is perfect for a Fall get together like apple picking or pumpkin carving. You might even want to indulge just for yourself. Either way, you’re sure to be thrilled with this delightfully rich drink to warm you on chilly Autumn mornings.

Whether you’ve been dreading the coming season or waiting with excitement for the leaves to fall, these crock pot recipes will be a time saver and a success on your dinner table any night of the week.